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My Friend Has Throat Cancer it is in her Voice Box & she Is going to Start Radiation & Chemo and can anyone tell me any thing about this!I dont understand to much about this Kind of cancer, any help will do! Thank Hugs & Prays

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I had cancer of the larynx. I was diagnosed on 10/10/01. I underwent laser surgery and 60 days of radiation treatment. I do not know much but I would be happy to answer any questions that I can. It may be better to contact me at wesapp@mindspring.com. I wish your friend the best.

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I have a total larengectomy, That is I had my voice box removed almost 20 years ago. Iknow a little about the things that can help you live with this kind of cancer, and other things.

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Tina, how is she now? I had same type of cancer, diagnosed in June'2000, have gone thru chemo and radiation, and I am still in reasonable health. Possibly I can answer some questions you have. For a start, the patient needs very close support from friends & family to think positive. Write to me if you want to: sajjad_h@bdonline.com
or here at this forum. My prayers are with your friend.

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Tina- how is she doing?

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