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My mom died February 2nd, 2003

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Hi all. Today is my birthday, I am 31, and I sure do miss my mom. My mom was diagnosed with stomach cancer less than 2 months before she passed. It has been so hard for me to cope with. I feel like I am alone so much of the time, even though I have a wonderful husband and two of the cutest babies on the planet. I just never show my feelings in front of them, my husbands family are all still alive-including his grandmas. I just feel that he cannot understand what I am going through. And, I don't want my babies seeing me so upset.
My mom didn't want my brother to tell me how bad she was feeling, because she didn't want me to worry, because I have my family to take care of. One day I got a call from my brother that she was on life support, and that there was a 5% chance that she would come off of it. Luckily, I made it in time to spend 4 days with her, before she decided to have herself taken off the respirator.
I would just like someone to talk to, who may be in the same situation as myself. Someone to talk about how you are feeling, and cheer you up when you are feeling down.
I appreciate any and all replies,

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I lost my Mom in 1975 to breast cancer. I was 22 at the time. I am now 50 and a survivor of ovarian cancer. Me husband is currently battling renal cell cancer. I still miss my Mom very much. Espically on Mothers Day, Christmas and all the other family holidays. The pain will get easier with time, soon to be replaced by the sweet memories. I assume that you have very young children. They probably can understand sadness. Just tell them that mommy is sad because she misses grandma. In time you can keep her memory alive in them by telling them stories of when you were a little girl. My kids are 24 and 27 now. They weren't even born when my Mom passed away, but they feel like they know her because I have told them about her all their lives. Just allow yourself the time to grieve and someday you will be able to remember your Mom and smile. God bless you Laurie.
Love and Prayers

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Hi laurie-
My mom just died a week ago today. The morning after my 35th birthday. My aunt told me that she was ready to go a couple of weeks prior, but she wanted to wait until after my birthday. My mother died at home in her bed with all of us around her. I am also a single mom of a two year old. It was so difficult to see her suffering- she was just lying there, eyes closed, moaning and then later frothing at the mouth, just trying to breathe. All we could is be there and beg the Lord to take her. We kept telling her to let go- we would be all right. We did that for 18 hours.
I am so sorry for your loss and I know what you mean by feeling alone. My mother was always there for me, no matter what. But I know she is no longer suffering and is at peace. I know she will always be in my heart. My daughter keeps asking for her- that is hard. We just need to take one day at a time and know that we will all be together again. E-mail me at cecilia12301@yahoo.com if you need help.

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