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RP Surgery 2 weeks ago......

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I am 41 yrs. old (I know I'm too young!) and I'm recouperating from a successful surgery on May 1st. My psa prior to sugery was 8.6 and my biopsy revealed a Gleason of 3+3. My cancer was palpable, so my staging was T2a.
My biopsy shows the cancer throughout the gland and a Gleason still at 3+3. My Dr. is concerned about one area where the cancer may have escaped so my chances are 50/50 that the cancer has been eradicated.
So, I'm dealing with waiting until July 1st to get my first post-op psa test. Hoping to hear from people that have gone through a simular scenario and get some advice. Also, wondering if dietary supplements and diet (need to gain wieght!) may help my psa test in July.

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I'm 56 and had my RP on 2-10-03, so I'm about 3 months post-op. Some of your numbers are a little higher than mine but pre-op biopsy showed Gleason 6, psa 5.6, stage 1, 15% tissue involvement, thought to be contained, etc. The post-op biopsy showed Gleason 7, psa 5.7, stage 1, 25% tissue involvement, and, scariest of all, positive margins on top and bottom. That gave me about the same 50/50 chance for containment that you mentioned. I was very concerned, as I'm sure you are. My post-op (6 weeks) psa was At my doctors appointment on 4-17-03 we discussed bladder control (excellent-fortunately) and possible follow-up radiation. My doctor gave me two options; 1. have radiation now because of the positive margins even though the psa is virtually 0, or 2. wait until we do another psa in July to see if psa rises. If it rises, consider radiation then. I told him I'm a calculated risk-taker and would prefer to wait. He said that's what he would do if faced with the same decision. That made me feel much better! He reminded me that there's a good chance that all of the cancer is gone but that if there are remaining cells, prostate cancer is very slow growing and delaying the radiation until the psa rises (if it ever does) would still be very effective in eliminating the remaining cells.
The other aspects of healing are going very well. My energy level is up and most pain and tenderness is gone. I resumed exercising at 10 weeks and have been back on my mountain bike and stationary bike for two weeks. I hope to resume racing in mid-July.
If you're trying to gain weight (I can tell you're under 50! HA HA), just start eating lots of carbs (pasta, bread, ice cream, etc.), protein, and start lifting weights so you gain muscle instead of fat.
Keep the faith. I'll look for you here from time to time.


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Congratulations on your having survived a successful procedure to remove cancer from your body. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, so keep up the faith and expect the best.

Also, welcome to a very unique "club" of men who have survived a similar operation. I am a two + year survivor of surgery and am sure you are headed in the same direction.

My advice is to practice the kegel exercise religiously and exercise as much as possible, within the Doctor's parameters.

Again, Congratulations and best of luck,


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Can i ask for some advice. My dad has prostate cancer and he had his prostate removed. They found that it had gone past the prostate wall and his reading was 0.03. 3 moths later they did another psa test and his level was 4. They have suggested hormonal therapy in the form of pills as he wont do anything else. They said min 3 mths to max 5 years to live.What can i do to hlep my dad or support him. What sort of things will happen as he worsens? i am 24 and want to hlep my family as much as i can! I am trying to stay positive but when people but a time limit on someones life its hard. Do some people live longer?

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I'm sorry to hear about your dad's situation. Have they recommended radiation, but he won't agree to do it? Radiation is usually the next course of treatment if the surgery doesn't get it all. It has potential side effects but I know people who've had the radiation and have taken the hormone therapy follow-up and their futures look bright. You didn't say if his cancer has been found in his spine or someplace else. I'm no doctor, only a patient who's had the surgery on 2-10-03. My psa is


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Just wanted to join the discussion for what it's worth. I'm 72 & had my RP 5yrs ago.Initial psa was 30 with a gleason of 6.Cancer found only in 2 of 8 biopsies with volumes of 5% & 20% respectively so I thought my chances of capsule escape were pretty good even though the partin table stats suggested not! Post surgery cancer found throughout the gland & one site in one of the seminals.Placing me in a high risk for re-occurence.
Psa remained below 0.1 for 3 & 1/2 yrs but then rose to 0.4 & 6 months later 1.3.Went thru 36 radiation treatments without any problems. Very first psa post treat was 0.1 (most likely result of single Lupron shot prior to treat)Now at 5yrs down the road psa 6mos ago was 0.8. Got a reading last week of 5.1!Seems too high for such a short time but will confirm lab results next month.If correct, only therapy at this point is hormonal.Does anyone have comments on the efficiency of Lupron versus Orchiometry?

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I feel like you did the right thing.God bless you.I had mine removed in 2000 at the age of 46.I have had no complications and psa is 0.Just pray that the Dr. got it all.Sometimes the psa won't begin to rise until months later if there is anything left.God forbid it does rise I would begin radiation immediately.

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Lance -- I'm a newbie, who was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago. PSA:5.2;GLEASON:6;bone scan:negative. I'm seeing another urologist for a second opinion on Saturday. At 52, I'm actually relieved that I'm not the youngest one here, but it sounds like you are doing well. I just logged on here & don't have a clue about how this works. I think I'm going to go with RP, because I just want to get this crap OUT! Side effects be damned; I just want to live. I'm not in a good position to give advice, but you're not alone. -- Herb

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