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bladder cancer reoccurring

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Joined: May 2003

Ive been 6 years cncer free. it was caught in time so BCG worked. when can I feel totally free from this type of cancer, or is it for life

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I am currently getting the BCG therapy. What type of surgeries did you have before BCG was started? Thanks

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I am so encouraged by your message. I was diagnosed with stage 1 bladder cancer in July of 2002. I had some awful botched-up surgery followed up by 6 weeks worth of bcg mixed with inteferon. As of today I have had no reoccurences. I sure hope I am as lucky as you have been.

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I had bladder cancer about 7 years ago and it was treated with BCG. For about 1 year I had urgency associated with a burning sensation (as though I had a urinary tract infection). I, and my urologist, thought it sounded like interstitial cystitis, because both urinary tests did not show any infection. Finally, it was discovered that my cancer reappeared, where the ureters are attached to the kidneys. Five weeks ago I had a radical cystectomy. I have an appointment scheduled with the Oncologist at the end of the month. So yes, I thought I was now cancer free, but from what I'm reading, learn to live and appreciate every day. Good luck to you.

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