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Help I am so scared.

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I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March of this year. I had a total thyroidectomy on April 4th. I spent 5 days in ICU because my oxygen kept dropping. and my Parathyroid are in shock. They just dont work. They doctor had to remove my parathyroid and cut it into pieces and then place it back in my neck. It is still not working. I take Oscal 3000 mg. a day. plus i take recipcal which is a form of vitamen D. My insurance will not pay for either of these. I am still on Vioxx for the swelling in my neck.
I have no energy at all. I went back to work two weeks after the surgery. i only work half days but my supervisor is starting to give me a hard time. i am in pain all the time because part of my neck muscles were removed along with lymph node. The neck muscles that were remove were in the back of my neck.
I go this Thursday to meet with the Radiologist. I have to do the radioactive iodine treatment. I really need some information. could someone please help. I have been told I will have to be in the hospital for at least 3 days. It could be more. I will be quaratined. This would not bother me if I was not worried about my children. I have three boys 3, 9, and 13. I am pretty much on my on. Please help. This is so frightening.
My father had throat cancer and the started his radiation. he died after only 3 treatments. And it is my understanding that the doseage for thyroid cancer is stronger than the type that he had. Thank you for your help.

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Thank you for "talking" to me. I had the same experience of feeling like something was "stuck" in my throat. I'm glad to have someone who really understands me. People in my life feel for me, but what I really need is the understanding.
What did your Radiologist say? Do you know when you are going to the hospital? The I131 treatment really is not too bad. The first time I had it, I had a very big dose and I was in isolation for 9 days. I think now the doctors have much more research and understanding of thyroid cancer. My second treatment I was only in the hopital for 3 days. I had some nausea and I got some mouth and throat sores, which didn't last too long. My doctor told me to suck on lemons- the I131 can take up in your glands underneath your jaw bone and cause swelling and it could mean that much longer in the hospital. Sucking on the lemons makes you salivate and releases the I131 from your glands. I should have drank more water because my doc said if I did then I may have gotten out of the hospital a day sooner. I guess it goes to the cells it needs to go, but it also goes to tissues and "stuff" where it doesn't really need to- so flushing your system helps.
I am so glad you replied to me- though I have very supportive family and friends- it's nice to have someone who can relate.
It sounds like you have been through quite an ordeal! I wish your boss could be better understanding- I'm assuming you probably get your insurance through work- so you're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. I wish I had an answer for your pain- maybe looking through this website more may help. I have a local American Cancer Society where I can go to get information- I could ask them if they know of a way to help alleviate your pain.
How are your boys doing? You have so much on your mind- I'll pray for you. Please just try to take care of yourself- get your rest and do whatever it is you need to do now so you can take care of everything later. Please keep me informed! KL

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LMedlin - read some of the other postings that follow yours. There are some great stories about thyroid cancer experiences. The good news is that Thyroid cancer is highly treatable. Ask your doctor many questions and go online to the cancer.org thyroid site OR thyroid foundation website. I had surgery on April 15th and had 34 lymph nodes removed from my neck - the neck muscles take time to recover - I still can't turn my head. Email me anytime with questions at lfornino@comcast.net.

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don't be scared,I think you have gone through radiation by now.the neck muscles will recover their strength in time.if you feel lethargic and in pain see if you can get help,social security during the time you recover.you need to recover and try not to worry about other things.sounds easy but you must do it.going back to work in 2 weeks is much to recent.hope your time in the hospital with radiation was noto unpleasant.are you in your 30's?I really hope things work out for you especially with your family.I need to see the surgeon again because they found a regrowth in my neck area.try to stay focused ,avoid stress and have hope.I will pray for you!let me know how you are doing.bye now.

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