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31 year old w/ T Cell Lymphoma

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Hi there my fiance is also 31 years old and was diagnosed 12-11-02 with tcell lymphoma, he had 2 tumors, one in his chest, and one in his neck. He received CHOP (6 rounds) and was "cured"...both tumors were 100% gone. Now he is back in the hospital, (May 4) and we found out the lymphoma has spread to the lining in his brain, he is undergoing an Omya.. ( a catheter) in his head to receive chemo there. The doctor says this was a possibility to spread there because regular Chemo (CHOP) doesnt penetrate the brain area. But we are having a hard time understanding this next part...It has spread to his kidneys..The doctor is also confused because the first CHOP was so successful erradicating his first 2 tumors... The doctor is setting him up on the next dose of Chemo..Salvage, a higher dose, once a month for 2 months, and then following up with Stem cell, . His bone marrow is ok as well as the rest of his organs and his adrenal system. he will be receiving his own blood back into him if i understand this correctly. If anyone has any help. information or similiar stories i would grreatly appreciate the support. Thank you !

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It sounds as if your fiance will be going through an Autologous Stem Cell Transplant.
I had an Auto SCT in February of 2002.
I'd be happy to answer questions about my experience, if it will help. My web page here on the CSN site will help tell my story, but you can e-mail me direct at snmdeselle@attbi.com.

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My husband was recently diagnosed with lymphoma in thelungs by CT, biopsy done on Tuesday which was inclusive. Now we are going in for a surgical biopsy. Husband still chest pain. Husband knows something is wrong. Oncologist informed us that it is lymphoma and we need to determine what kind of cancer and what stage. The information I have read on lymphoma states that lymphoma is a slow progressing cancer. Is this your understanding?

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I also had an autologous stem cell transplant when I was 26 (I am 30 now).If you have any specific questions or want to know baout my experience, feel free to email me AuroraB9@aol.com.

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