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Poetry for Survivors

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If you would like to read some wonderful poems and look at beautiful pictures of Spring, check out www.oncolink.com and select "poetry" from the menu--really beautiful poems and pictures by women like us!

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What a terrific site. I am surprised. I really had a great laugh at the opening story by Alysa Cummings. I haven't got a chance to read all the poetry, while some of it was not related, read on, some of it will hit you right between the eyes. Thank you for the heads up on the site.

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The following poem was written in dedication to a very dear friend, who upon experiencing a real "wigged out" moment, shared her story with us to bring smiles and laughter which are much needed in the day to day lives of women living with cancer. Love you Katy!!!!

The Ballad of Katy G

I was driving down the road to work,
Listening to Santana on the way,
When I cracked open the old sunroof
As it was such a lovely day

While grooving to the music,
Much to my surprise
My wig was lifted off my head
And out the roof it flies!

I brought the car to a screeching halt
On the shoulder of the road bed
Went sprinting down the highway
Wearing heels, a suit and my bald head!

My wig just kept on rolling
As if it had a life of its own
All the while cars were whizzing by
How I wish I'd just stayed home

When at last I caught it
The day had lost its thrill;
And now here I sit at my desk at work
Wearing my road kill!

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Like the website and I have read ladydi1 on here before. I wonder how she is doing.

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I really like her too. I haven't seen her on for awhile either.

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Neat sight. Thanks for the address.

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I know this link is old, but, the poetry is beautiful! I pasted one here for you. There is also lots of info on there. If you want more poems, just type poems in the search box.

Call me recovered, yes I'm planting new
Perennials - plants that spring back, recoup
Year after year peek out, grow back, reach up
Victorious over cold, frost, ice, snow
Grow green freed from the bleakest underground
Perennials - plants that come back, seek out
Sunblessed empathy, connection, friendship
Clean out the chokeweed, the twisting snake vine
Make room for pink daisy faces and the
Fragrance of sweet lilac I'm back I'm back
And so are you and so we will be - come
Next spring - April, May, June - in the garden
Planting hope with seeds of love - watering
Well, well, well, oh garden of my good health.

Here is another one:

Could I love the starlit sky
if I did not also love the sun
the reflection of the meadow in a horse's eye
the curve of my nose
even the sound of my own voice
though I have spoken with the spite of Esau
and wept because I had asked for too much?

How can I not love and thank
the Host of this entire universe?
I can't imagine not begging to stay
no matter when it's my time,
but when I must,
I want to leave
blowing kisses off my fingertips
and using my last breath to say
I have loved it all.

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How interesting! I just finished posting a poem a fellow survivor and I wrtoe back in 2004~ who was reading my mind??!! LOL

Hugs and thanks for the reminder!

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This is from ladydi1. Check out her Expressions Page. She writes beautifully!

Cancer's Looking Glass

There are so many pieces of me,
That cancer scattered to the wind.
My dreams, my hopes, my self esteem
Body parts that need to mend.

Stuck on the outside looking in
Through this “cancer looking glass”
I see the life I left behind,
But can’t find my boarding pass.

How can they call it courage,
Getting through chemo, radiation, all the rest?
For I was just sleep-walking
Past every treatment, every test.

Am I a real survivor
For just being here today?
What was it that made me different,
From others lost along the way?

No, I am not inspiring;
Nor stronger, braver or a heroine,
Just picking up those pieces,
As I try to start again.

by Diana Ballinger 6/2/09

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Thanks for these poems! I love them!

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Thank you for the resource! I can definitely use some inspirational poetry right now!

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