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27years old...

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HI...I am really glad to have found this site...I have had stomach aches etc since 1993 more or less...nothing serious then...just little numbing pain in my lower abdomen right next to my right hip bone...I have been to many doctors then...and every doctor just dismiss me saying it must be some spasm and I am too young to be worried about anything...
Well, I am 27years old now...have personally grown pretty frustrated with how so many doctors are ignorant and thinking that I was young and nothing would be "wrong" with me...

In 1999, I moved out to Los Angeles from Missouri after graduating college, and I was really stressed gettin all the stuff ready for moving and when I finally moved out to Los Angeles...the first week I had bad stomach aches and had diahreas...I sometimes have stomach pains and diahreas where I would be sweating cold sweat, become nausea and start to see stars a little and almost black out...but so far not yet...

since the year 2000...I have gotten myself checked out...I dont have insurance so I was reffered to the USC county hospital...at the counter...a doctor/nurse found out I didnt have insurance and she said its would cost me $1000 and if I participated in her research I would be able to get checked out free...so I did...and I got a endoscopy...they said I have uclers, and took biopsies for their research to find out if a certain bacteria that causes ulcers were present or not...

So of course from this...they found nothing...and I continued my quest to find out whats wrong with me-constant stomach aches and diahreas...and my stool has a really small diameter and are usually soft...and always had mucus on it...with some blood(not on all but certain parts of the stool...like at the beginning or the end parts...could be hemoroids...dunno

I eventually manage to get a colonoscopy and they "said" the found a 10centimeter inflamation in my rectum/colon...so they classify me as having either colitis, chron's, etc...

I went through x-rays, hemoroiddal HC suppositories, Mezalamine tablets etc...and nothing helped...

last year I had another colonoscopy( I did it in my home country where they dont require insurance and health care was much cheaper) and even had it taped....doctor found nothing but the inflammation in my rectum...although I still feel a funny numbing pain sensation in my lower abdomen right next to my right hip bone....I was again on medication but nothing changed...

Now I am back in the states...I just lost my job earlier this year so bye bye to my insurance...but now I have to wait 3 months for my wifes new job's benefits to kick in...I am planning on working from home so I can take care of my 2year old son too....

I really am dumbfounded as to what is wrong with me...doctors say its "inflammation" of the rectum...would this lead to colorectal cancer?...I am tired most of the time...dunno why...my only obvious symptoms are that my stool is of a small diameter, sometimes loose, but mostly soft...with mucus...even my 2year old son has a bigger stool specimen than me!!!
I also noticed that I pee quite often but usually when I do I only pee a little...seems like its harder to control my bladder or something...weird...and now I sometimes feel "sharp" pains in my rectum...
I really dont know what to do...some people say I am hypocondriac, but I can personally tell you that I have been suffering from this physically all these years...and thus in turn affects me mentally...worrying me....
Does anyone know of anyone who have the same problem I do...Please help....thank you for your time....
I realize I wrote a whole book here...but I really wanna tell how this began and all that I have been through so someone could maybe understand or recognize it....

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Hi Bluegill,
Ask your doctor to do a simple blood test for Coeliac disease.( A test for Anti-Gliaden Antibodies)This condition is caused by allergy to glutin and is reasonably common. It normally causes cramping and fatty type diarrhoea. However, it has recently been found to cause very few symptoms in some people like only mild cramping, hardly any diarrhoea but a good deal of fatigue.Doctors tend not to think of it as they were taught to look for much more severe symptoms. It's a very simple test and worth doing. If it's positive, it is easily treated by diet only. Please let me know how you get on.

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Hi there,

Have you tried being checked for food allergies? Parasites? Candida? Have you tried changing your diet or keeping a food diary and seeing what you ate on the days you got worse? Are you lactose intolerant?

Try avoiding foods that inflame....and take supplements that help curb inflammation. Tumeric is a good one. Find a holisitic practioner or a chiropractor who is knowledgeable about nutrition. They can check you for food sensitivities. Ask for a payment plan. Don't stop searching....just search elsewhere.
Here's a story. I was having severe migraines in college. So horrendous that I ended up dropping out of college. My mother took me to the best neurosurgeon in town who did a CT scan and EEG and found nothing. Put me on migraine meds that made me feel like a zombie. And I still got the migraines.
She asked him if it could be from what I was eating. He drew himself up looking down his nose, and with as much arrogance as he could muster he replied, "It certainly is not!" Well, out of frustration at my worsening condition, my mother took me to a holistic osteopath who gave me a 7 hour glucose tolerance test and found out I was hypoglycemic, he took me off of dairy, white flour, sugar, alcohol, birth control pills, and caffeine and guess what? My migraines went away. The only time I got them was when I 'cheated'. Last Sunday I spent 30 minutes telling him and his wife all about my alternative approach to healing my colon cancer....heehee. It felt pretty darn good. :-)
So broaden your approach to finding the problem. It could be something you're eating.

peace, emily

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Have you been checked for Gall Stones. You have some of the symptoms. An ultra sound would find that out real quick

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