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ovarian cancer - 5years plus

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Hello! I am new to this site. Cancer is something I want to talk about, but alot of people get upset. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer April 22,1998, during my annual checkup with my Gyno Dr. I received 6 chemo treatments, and every six months, I receive a pap test and internal. Plus, I have the CA 125 blood test every six months. My younger sister, Mary, died of breast cancer Dec. 3, 2001, at the age of 43. While I was going thru my chemo she found a lump in her left breast, late in August 1998. She had surgery, chemo and radiation. By December 2000, Mary wasn't feeling very well, thought she had pneumonia, did a chest xray, and the cancer was back!! She went thru more chemo and suffered alot. Our cancer blood doctor didn't know how to help us with her dying. We never had a chance to get help from Hospice. Mary couldn't walk, she was in such pain, we couldn't TOUCH her. I went with her to talk with this stupid blood doctor of ours, to ask for an appointment with a NEW doctor in BOSTON,Mass. He made the appt for Mary, and on the day of her appt. she was in such PAIN my other sister called 911. At Newport Hospital, in ER, our stupid blood doctor told Mary more or less "this is IT - the end. Hospice took over at the hospital making her comfortable. She went into the hopsital on wednesday, and died on monday 8:30am with her husband and our sister, Annamarie by her side. The saddest part is Mary never knew she was dying until Annamarie asked her where she wanted to be buried!!

As you can tell I have alot of pain and anger about all this stuff. It's taken a long time to be able to really face what has happened to me and my family.

Thank you for listening. I believe in God. I am a spiritual person. I believe in the power of prayer!!!

I am looking for friends to share this journey of mine. I am a Cancer Surviver, but I'm having a very hard time moving forward.

May PEACE be with you!

Love, Mrs. Leonora G. Friend (Leo7)

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Leo, I understand your pain and your anger. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Nov. 6 2000. I also underwent 6 months of chemo. My mother died of breast cancer in 1975 at the age of 49. Last year in late May, my husband became very ill. He was diagnosed with stage 4 Renal Cell Cancer. He has been going through treatment ever since. His tumors were inoperable. The surgeons who did the biopsies told me that he might live 8 months. My husband sees the same oncologist that I did when I was sick. He is very determined.
After the second type treatment didn't work our doctor opted to do a phase 2 study treatment. We haved prayed so very hard for some progress. Our prayers were answered a couple of weeks ago. The new treatment has shrank the tumors 75%. He started his 3rd round two weeks ago. I do understand you anger. I had a very hard time accepting that my husband also had to experience this horrible disease. I have wished many times that it was me.Until he got sick, I worried that my cancer would come back. I no longer think about that. Now I just pray that he too can win his battle. I am so sorry about your sister. Anytime you need to talk, you can e-mail me from this site. God bless you.
Love and Prayers Rose

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Hi, Leo. I can understand your anger. I, too, am very angry. I had surgery on my birthday--Jan. 26, 2001. I had stage lll ovarian cancer and my situation didn't look good. After receiving several units of blood, I was given the first of 10 chemo treatments. The debulking process involved a football-size tumor, grapefruit size, walnut size and removal of part of the descending colon. I still had a script for irritated bowl syndrom in my purse. This was one of many scripts given to me for my 'problem.' At least five doctors failed me and my family wasn't much help either. I am cancer free at this time, but I am so tired. I feel lazy and very ugly. My daughter and her 20 month old baby visited us recently. She said I was negative, disrespectful and rude to others. Well, I thought I was doing just super well so you can imagine my shock. She insisted that I go to a doctor for prozac and a psychologist. Well, I tried both and it just doesn't work for me. I am so tired of family and friends telling me how I should be 'doing.' I know I am supposed to be responding to you and in some way I am. No one wants to hear about the sleepless nights, neuropathy in my legs and feet, backache--just for starters! As for pain relief, the oncologist says, 'advil.' What a joke! I believe in God and many people have prayed for me. My prognosis is excellent so I need to learn how to get beyond all of this 'stuff' and get back into life.

I can hardly believe all of this has happened to me: Mother died, one of my brothers killed himself when he lay in the path of an oncoming train, a sister-in-law and two cousins died--that was the first six months!!!

Well, for most of the time, I feel pretty good. I am just trying to put my life back together, but I think some of the pieces are missing.

I am new to this website and I'll probably not be able to find it again!
My best,

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Hi Leo. I was diagnosed in 1993 shortly after my step-father died as a result of prostate cancer. (My real father died when I was 6 of a massive coronary). I had surgery followed by six months of chemo. During that time, my oldest brother (52 years old) was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died 1 1/2 years later. My mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer in September, 1999 and died in April, 2000. I can't tell you what a huge difference it makes to have competent doctors. All of my family (including myself) have had nothing but wonderful, informative treatment from the doctors. I know that the reason that I am alive right now is because my doctor was fully aware of agressive, up-to-date treatment for my disease. My brother was able to live that extra 1 or so because of the same thing. In that year, he spent his time traveling and doing things that he had always wanted to do and his quality of life was pretty good. I am currently dealing with recurring ovarian cancer and my experience has been the same -- good agressive care with a doctor schooled in my disease. However, even though I have my days when I am really down and wondering why all of this has happened to me, I try to focus on all of the positive things in my life. I allow for the down days but I limit how much time I spend complaining about my life. Its good to get it off your chest but not to dwell on it. I also think about how lucky I am that I am still here to wake up every morning and see my children and see my friends. I'm a survivor. I mourn the ones that have gone before me but I'm STILL HERE. I don't feel great every day but I'd rather be alive and feel this way then the alternative. I am 49 years old and hope desperately to see 50. I'm only telling half the story. The whole story is far to unbelievable. Keep your head up. Complain when you have to, but make room for the good days and enjoy them to the fullest. And remember that there is always someone that is worse off than you. I may be a cockeyed optimist but I'm going to enjoy the rest of my life. If I can help you get through this, please let me know.

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Hi Leonora, I was dignosed ovarian cancer on April 19, 1999 (nearly the same date as you but one year later). I had surgery - 6 months of chemo treatment - and now a checkup every 3 months. My CA 125 is still ok. I really do understand your anger and your pain. You know that being diagnosed with cancer and surviving afterwards depends on luck - luck to have a real caring doctor - luck to have good chemo - luck to have family and support. I am really happy to be a survivor for 4 years now. I trust in God. Although I really understand your anger please do not waste your energy. Concentrate in your surviving - move on with your life. You need all your energy for yourself. Be with your friends and your family. Sometimes I have problems to move on as well. I try to be positive but it is hard often. And always remember: we need our energy for us. Our mind is stronger than our body. These are the key words.
Would love to hear from you - you are in my thoughts and in my prayers.
All the best

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I am so sorry to hear the problems some of you are having dealing with your cancer. I will pray for all of you.

Though I lost my mother when I was 18 and I, myself, was recently diagnosed at age 52 with ovarian cancer (stage IIIC) I am extremely optomistic because I know how much treatment has improved since my mother died. And I feel I have so much to live for. Luckily, I do not feel like I waited too long to do the things in life I wanted to do. When my mom died (she was 46) she had never traveled or been on a plane. I said that would not be me. I made choices in life that allowed me to travel all around the world and meet wonderful friends all these years. I married late to a wonderful man (10 years ago) and I feel fortunate I had such good health to do so much. And I plan on beating this thing and doing a lot more. We even managed to go on a cruise recently inbetween chemo treatments. It has not been easy, but with a positive attitude and the support of friends and family, I know I will have the best outcome possible -- whatever that will be.

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Thank you so much for your positive, uplifting message. I was diagnosed 10-15-02
at 46 years of age. No children, married for 26 years and had a great career. I've since
resigned as an administrator for a surgical practice of 3 general and vascular surgeons and
am just enjoying life, simply. There is a lesion on my liver and a hepatic specialist would like
to remove it. The internationally known ovarian cancer specialist that I have just met is
encouraging Taxol - 2 more treatments (after 8 dual-agent treatments of Carbo/Topotecan
and Carbo/Taxol) by a general oncologist. If anything this disease has done is to make me
more aware of life and all it has to offer. It has allowed many blessings (believe it or not) to
arise such as getting closer to my brothers and mom, seeing that my hubby does truly
love being with me, and learning to eat correctly. Thanks, again, for the positive message!
I would love to chat with someone who is about my age and has gone through ovarian
cancer, stage III-IV treatments and who is positive. Hey...I'm looking forward to going on
a cruise with my hubby this December and taking my little bald head along!

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I am so so sorry to hear about your sister and understand the pain you must be feeling. My mother died of lung cancer 3 years ago and I was told on a Friday that my mother had several months
to live. She died 2 days later on Sunday the day before Labor day. I was recently diagnosed with Ovarian Stage 3. I've been apprehensive about treatment. All I've done is surgery so far. All I keep thinking about is my mom and the chemo and radiation she took. It hurts to lose someone you love. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Do your best to not let negative emotions overcome you. God Bless.

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