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Hair Loss Question

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I will have to undergo chemo as an adjuvant therapy soon. I have been reading the entries here and everyone has been very helpful so I decided to pose my question to any one who has been experienced this before - What is the best resource for wigs when hair loss happens.


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Hi there....I asked my oncology nurse to recommend a place to buy a wig. She told me the name of a place that many chemo patients use in my town. I went there before I lost my hair so I could get a good match on the color. Since the ladies there were used to helping chemo patients, they didn't make me feel weird or like they pitied me. They were very matter of fact and got right down to business. Take someone with you that you trust and love because its a bit traumatic and you'll want their opinion and support. If your oncology nurse doesn't have a suggestion or you can't afford a wig, your local American Cancer Society can give you some names or give you a wig. I don't think you get to keep it and trust me, you won't want to! Good luck and God bless! Karen

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Yes, simmonsg is right with all her suggestions. The oncologist doctor or nurses will know exactly where you should try to get a wig. I was lucky, the person who took me under his wing was the owner of the shop...who happened to be a former chemo patient of my doctor. If you want to have your wig professionally styled just for you, I would recommend making an appointment so they are sure to set aside enough time. Having my husband there was helpful too. He really encouraged me to buy a nice wig that would make me feel better...and as it turned out my insurance plan paid the entire cost of a medium-priced one. If you are concerned about price, it is good to check your insurance company before you go shopping, so there will be no unpleasant surprises!

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P.S. to my 5/6/03 post. I should have mentioned that my synthetic wig cost $350 and as I said, my insurance paid the whole cost. The more expensive wigs were up to $1,000 or so, but I was told that I didn't want those as those were natural hair wigs and would require that I set and style them all the time. With a synthetic wig, the styling is wash and wear. The only thing you need to watch is not exposing the wig for long periods to extreme heat like an oven set to broil or something. I've worn my wig for 7 months now, and it still looks great!

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Hi i agree with everything everyone else said just one point is that most people told me the synthtic ones are easier too take care of vs the real hair one.I have a synthtic one and most people think it is my real hair even ones that know i dont have hair have too take a second look at it.that makes me fell great to know i got one that doesnt look cheap.also you might conceder a short sytle so it will be easy to take care of.good luck with everything.and hope your doing good.Bunnie

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hi simmonsg I found that when i needed to look for a wig (not long ago) i went to the place that the oncologist suggested.When i did go the lady was very helpful i tried alot of wigs but i felt i needed to shop around some more so i went to another place that i found myself looking in the yellow pages under "wigs" when i went there this woman was even more helpful and gave me more privacy that is were i ended up getting my raquel welch wig LOL> My suggestion to you is to shop around til u find what you like, til you find something that looks like you something that makes you feel like you something that you are comfortable with.
good luck and lots of hugs mariat.

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I just want to add -last year at this time I was bald, and as the weather got hotter, I found scarves and light hats to be more comfortable. At home I was just bald. I found the use of scarves, hats and funky earrings to be more fun than a wig.
Just my opinion. Take care - Diane

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I got a cute wig from "tlc." Toll free number is 1-800-850-9445. Web site is www.tlccatalog.org

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I agree with everyone . . . the best source of information is the ACS in your area or your nurses at oncology. However, this is my second time losing my hair and have found that accepting the hair loss and wearing simple scarves and hats makes it easier on me and they are more comfortable especially with hot flashes, etc. I've learned to throw vanity out the door and play with my new looks -- no hair but there are many great hats, scarves especially if you know where to shop. I have also learned from my daughters hairdresser many different ways to tie scarves which enhance the look. Be creative and have fun with it. Not having hair is the minor part of this all.

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