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Support group

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Looking for a support group for 30 year old daughter with breast cancer

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Great one right here! If you want one she can go to in person I recommend contacting your local hospital or ACS they will have a location closest to you. God bless. hummingbyrd

By the way, sounds like you are already acting as part of her support group. She is blessed to have a mom who loves her so much, as I was... mom's (once they get over being scared) make one of the most reassurring resources. (((HUGS))) hummer

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You might also ask your oncologist's nurses. I found a great support group that way. The onc nurses are a great resource for all kinds of info...wig stores, support groups, acupuncturist! Also, you could contact Reach to Recovery through the American Cancer Society. THey will hook your daughter up with a woman her approximate age who has been through what your daughter is going through. It helps to see a healthy woman who has gone on with her life and has survived! Karen

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Guess we are assuming that you are mom, not dad! Either way most of the major cancer centers, if youare near one, offer support groups. We have one that meets every other week just for breast cancer. I will be going for the first time this week. Good luck to you daughter and all of you who are going through this with her. sunshine and laughter!

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Great suggestions! I'm a patient advocate for Reach to Recovery and didn't even think to tell you that, whew, good example of cheeemoobrain! LOL
And great point rainyday, this MAY BE HER DAD! Oops, my bad! LOL God bless. hummb

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Hi there,
I was diagnosed at 31 last April. One of the hardest parts was that most everyone I or my family or friends knew who had been through this was a lot older than me. This is a great site, but I also suggest you check out the Young Survival Coalition (http://www.youngsurvival.org/), which is a group for young breast cancer survivors and supporters. Feel free to email me with questions (burchfeld@earthlink.net).


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I too have been going to both this site and youngsurvival.org. Both offer me different things I think. If your daughter is not married or does not have kids the other site has many young women in that situation. This site as you can probably tell offers a wealth of information from people and also, I think great inspiration from some of the "regulars". I appreciate their spirit and spirituality! Alos look for a YANNA support group - not sure about spelling for premenopausal women. God Bless!

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