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Treatments for Colon Cancer

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My friend's mother has colon cancer. She refuses to undergo chemo. Are there other types of treatment they can do for colon cancer? If anyone has ideas, please let me know. Thanks


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I had surgery recently for stage II colon cancer. I have had one chemo session so far. I have not had any side effects. Have her read some of the messages on this website. Lots of people undergo chemo and have very slight or no side effects. Many of them keep full time jobs. She can post her own message and read personal responses. Everyone has been very helpful and positive with lots of good advice. Chemotherapy is much improved. Is she refusing because she is scared? Fear of the "unknown" is probably worse than the treatment. I hope she changes her mind. Regards, fandaj

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I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer lymph pos. I refused the chemo too. I watched what it did to my sister and she died so I said there must be another way.

I am going on two years cancer free and never took chemo. If you are interested in my protocol please email me and I would be more than happy to share my treatment plan.

Let me reassure you that there are many many people out there who are healed from cancer with having not done chemo.

If you don't email me, let me share three important cancer healing foundations:

1. Detoxify the body
2. Eat NO sugar
3. juice raw, organic, fresh vegies

Hope this helps.


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I'm interested in hearing more about your approach to Stage III crc. I was diagnosed with that as well and went through the various chemo/radiation/surgery and then more chemo. I finished with it seven months ago. I'm doing my best to eat healthy, reduce stress, and live well. I don't eat red meat anymore. . .except a couple times. Tell me more about your thoughts on the sugar, what you mean by detox the body, etc. I am eating lots of fruit and vegatables.

Are you doing follow-up testing like PET scans, etc? At this point, I'm well beyond the "alternative med" approach, but am very interested in learning more.

Thank you,

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hi Bruce,

Absolutely I go for PET scans. I just finished up my annual exams a couple weeks ago....CT scan, PET, colonoscopy, bloodwork etc. I believe in Western diagnostics but I believe in different approaches to the healing. Interestingly enough at this last exam, my oncologist told me he had been diagnosed with colon cancer and had his ENTIRE colon removed. Yikes! So I handed him my alternative med book list which he promised me he would read. He's as scared as the rest of us upon diagnosis. He sees worse than we ever will because they all go through his office and some make it and some don't.

So let's talk sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. Think of baking bread and you add the sweetener to your warm water. Add the yeast and see it spring alive feeding on the sweetener. It bubbles and grows and spreads.

Now anyone who has taken a PET test knows that we are injected with radioactive sugar. And why? B/c the cancer will become active feeding on the sugar creating a 'hot spot'. The imaging machine picks up the hot spot and voila we see active cancer.

So simplisticly, starve the cancer by cutting off it's source of nourishment....SUGAR!

Sugar is in everything processed in the form of fructose corn syrup, or molases, or sucrose. Aside from the fruits and veggies and a few canned items like refried beans, tomato paste etc, I cannot shop at a regular grocery store....read the labels in your mayo or salad dressing or soups....

Ask the doctors? So many of them are clueless about nutrition themselves. Consider my experience at the chemo clinic where I met with the local oncologist before I decided to not do the chemo. I walked into the clinic and the folks who were there to do their chemo were sitting there eating donuts and drinking coffee!!! I was floored that the doctors who were commissioned to heal their patients' cancer were feeding them poisons for their bodies. I asked the doctor about this and he actually rolled his eyes at me...telling me that these people needed to keep their calories up during their treatments. Well hello, could you maybe give them whole grain muffins or something? But fat and sugar laden empty calories donuts??!!

Okay, detoxing.....this is to rid your body of the years of toxins that have accumulated in your liver, your fat, the walls of your colon that have created the disease in the first place. I detoxed by juicing and folowing a vegan diet. My body shed the toxins eliminating them through every means available. I literally stunk for a few weeks. My hubby said I smelled like a compost pile haha. :-) You often feel worse before you feel better as your body releases the toxins. ?You can get headaches and aches and pains and feel so tired you can hardly get through the day. But you'll come out of it feeling so much better. I also did organic coffee enemas to help flush out the liver and I did distilled water enemas to keep the colon empty of the wastes. Adding a clay substance (bentonite is one) also helps to pull out the toxins and moves them through. There were herbs that my Chinese Medicine Practitioner gave me that aided in the detoxing also.

Eating the fruits and veggies are wonderful as long as they are organic, otherwise you are just putting toxins in the form of pesticides and herbicides back into your system. Also juicing them gives you greater quantities of the live enzymes. It would be hard to eat 10 carrots a day (along with all the other veggies you need to eat daily), but in juicing them throughout the day you easily can get the abundance you need when battling cancer.

I'm curious what you mean by "well beyond the alternative med approach"?

I hope this helps.....if you'd like more specifics you can email me here.

peace, emily

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