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hot spots

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My surgeon's nurses keep telling me it's nothing, but I read my post -op reports. I read, "hot spots with low counts in the underarm area."
I keep worrying about it, but feel a little bit like a hypochondriac.
I had a double mastectomy and going through 4 doses of A/C.
Any opinions or advice??Thanks.

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I'm sorry I don't have the answer to your question. You'll probably receive some helpful responses from some of the many knowledgeable survivors on this ACS discussion board.

The ACS oncology nurses have also been helpful to me. You can contact them by clicking on 'Contact ACS' at the top of this page. Select 'cancer-general questions', and a nurse will e-mail you.

Oh, and don't 'feel like a hypochondriac'! It's YOUR body!

Take care,

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thank you very much,Geral

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Speak with the surgeon and ask what that means.

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Not sure what they mean......did they do a sentinel node biopsy when they did your surgery? Hot spots are usually areas of increased uptake of a radioactive dye indicating an area of increased cell growth or inflammation. In a bone scan it can be anything from arthritis to cancer. If they injected the dye into the lymph nodes it probably pointed to an area of activity that the surgeon cut out...'heal with steel' as they say. Cut it out to cure you in other words. Chances are it is nothing to worry about, probably on a microscopic slide now, but I'd take the path report to my Onc or surgeon and ask for an explanation. Needless worry is not good so ask and set your mind at ease! God bless. hummingbyrd

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