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Post RP

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During the last 2 months this message room has not only been a learning experience it has been a comfort. My husband had surgery 3 weeks ago, with the pathologist report informing us that cancer had been detected in the margin. Today we received our first PSA test and prayers have been answered. The result was <0.1!! The truth of the matter is that is board has lead me in so many directions leading me to understand what to expect and what to ask. The caring that is evident for each others has blessed me. I know that we have a long haul. But I also know that you guys are there when needed. Those of you that are just diagnosed, keep your chin up don't listen to all the bad stories, because there are alot of good, successful ones. If I can ever help anyone I would be more then honored to.

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Eleated to hear your husbands results. Hang in there. You may want to help by keeping track of all details of your husbands start to finish (several months out yet) so you/he can share what you may have experienced with those of our group that are facing the same experiences and unknowns?

Good luck,

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Glad to hear that your husband is doing well. I had my surgery on Feb. 10 (12 weeks ago) and things are going well. I was told I had positive margins but my 6 week post-op psa was This site has been helpful and inspirational. I've also had good coaching from a neighbor who had the surgery three years ago. My doctor has also been very positive and supportive, even when delivering bad news. It's a team effort and it's nice to have each other to share with and offer encouragement. Hang in there and keep the faith. Things get better each week!

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Just found this site and I hope everything is still negative.If not begin radiation immediately!I had mine removed in 2000 at the age of 46.I am 100% fine now.Good luck!!

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