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If you have a recurrence and the cancer is in a new spot is that curable or just treatable?

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My understanding is that you can have a recurrance
of breast cancer or a new diagnosis of bc and it can be successfully treated. On the other hand, with metastatic breast cancer that has spread, the goal is control. Still, I don't hear the word "cure" used very often because with bc, it's hard to determine when you would be cured. It's a more unpredictable cancer than some others. I think it's more common to consider yourself in remission. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

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That is a good question for your oncologist, but this is my story. I had a recurrence of breast cancer in a different spot 4 years ago that had also spread. I am Stage IV. My oncologist says she can never use the word cure, only remission. I choose not to believe that, because with God all things are possible;however, the medical community will have a different reaction. Talk with your doctor and then decide what is best for you. Just remember you are not just a statistic and there are several of us out here who are proof of that. Have faith and become pro-active with this disease. We can win!

God Bless,

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4 years ago I was diagnosed with "Insitu" cancer. It was in my milk gland and took up over half of my breast. I had a radical masectomy (sp) and a trans flap reconstruction. That was my only treatment. About 4 months ago, I found a lump at the very bottom of the same breast. I had a needle core biopsy done, it came back inconclusive. Luckily for me I had a smart doctor that decided a week later to have the lump removed. This time it was an "infiltrating" type of cancer. I was told this time it was the life threatening kind. All of the cancer has been removed, my lymph nodes came back negative and I have a medi-port for my chemo. I started my chemo on April 17th and my second treatment was on the 22nd. I am on a two week break and I will continue in this pattern for six sets. Also while I am in the two weeks of treatments I am also taking Cytoxin. I am going through with all of this chemo in the hopes that I don't have to do it again.
Hope this sorta answers your question. I tried.

Linda in Del Rio, Texas

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You didn't say where the new spot is so I'll just give you what I know in general.
A return in the same breast can be curable
( really means in remission - gone from that area for the present at least)
Cancer in the other breast is a new cancer - not a recurrence. Again you can become 'in remission' - a nice state which most of us finished with treatments hope we are in.

A cancer from the breast to another area, lungs, liver, bones, etc. means not curable but can be kept stable for many years if treatments work.

Don't give up! Do you want to give us any more information for discussion here?

You will be in the prayers of many here - thinking of you,

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