Radiation Colitis

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My husband had rectal cancer last year. He went through chemo (5FU) and 30 radiation treatments. He just had his 1yr checkup and there was no sign of the cancer. The problem is he is having very bad stomach pain that the doctors can not find any reason for. Also every time he eats he has up to 10 bowel movements. We have tired everything for this. Does anyone else have this problem? The last doctor said that it could be radiation colitis. I can not find any info on this?


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    Hi, perhaps it's the same as radiation enteritis. Punch in "radiation enteritis" and see if you think it applies. I have an ileostomy and have had chemo and radiation for rectal cancer. I can now have the ileostomy reversed, but may keep it. Radiation enteritis is one of the things I worry about. We have a friend who had radiation and has problems with leaks and incontinence. Things are going fine for me right now and I don't like to tamper with that. Good luck to you and your husband.

    All the best. Karlen
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    `Been there done that...5FU and 32 rad shots...
    After 18 months still in toilet 5-8 times a day...
    The doctors have not answers for the radiation
    damage...Things do improve though, in time...You
    can help by avoiding greasy foods...No gassy foods
    Increase fiber intake (Citrucel tablets) and whole
    grains...Keep a little "book" of foods and drink
    that effect you most often...I just started on
    Colestid, a month ago, and it has slowed things
    down and tightened things up...It will effect
    other medications so you have to time its
    ingestion correctly...Zinc Oxide for rectal relief
    Cortisone will make things worse...Hope this info