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melanoma of the eye

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any one out there had melanoma of the eye

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I was amazed to see a thread on Melanoma of the eye, since it is so rare. I was dx in Jan. 2001, and had surgery Feb. 2001. It was awful having my eye removed, but no other cancer was detected, and I`ve been in remission ever since. So, it sure beats the alternative.

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I was diagnosed in 1999 with choridial melanoma in my left eye up against the optic nerve. I myself had never heard of it, it is so rare , but I learned alot about computers, and got educated on this disease. I live in Callahan,Florida, and went to Tampa,FL, to North Florida Retina Specialist,(Dr.Mark Hammer, and Dr. Grizzard) they are wonderful and compassionate Drs. They did a radiation implant on my eye, that stayed in for 5 days and then was removed. They did not want to remove my eye due to location of the melenoma and possibly the tumor metastasing. But I have been blessed to have found my doctors and that it did shrink the tumor without metastasing. I go 2x a year for follow-up and have A-scan,B-scan, to deterimine the size and elevation of the tumor,pigmentation of the tumor, and a metastis workshop done once a year now, it was two x a year for the first 2 years. Mine could come by full blown at anytime that is why i go 2x a year for follow-ups. I have blurred vision in that eye from radiation but I can still see, my outlook on the whole is if I had or will have to lose my eye, one eye is better than not being here at all. I have a now 26 yr. old daughter, and I want to experience being a Granny one day soon. Positive thinking is 85% of the battle. Last Feb., I also have had a bout with Breast Cancer, had a mysectomy,chemo, and all the after effects of this cancer. I will keep you in my prayers, and I hope by now you have located a good doctor and have dealt with your melenoma.

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I was diagnosed with melanoma on my right retina. I also had the radioactive plaque placed in my eye for six days. This happened 9 months ago and they say I have progressed well. I was treated in Tampa also, but by the doctors at USF/Moffitt (Pavan). I am sometimes depressed even though I survived when I don't see someone next two be or I will look a certain way and see all blur or worse nothing. I am slowly going blind. I am very grateful to be alive but feel sad alot!! Did any of ya'll go through that? I know some of ya'll had to have the eye removed. I have alot of dreams about it coming back, other cancers and dying. Any suggestions? I run to relieve stress.

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