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melanoma of the eye

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any one out there had melanoma of the eye

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My husband just found out he has Ocular Melanoma. Have you had surgery yet?

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yes I had ocular melanoma in my left eye in 2000
I had gone in for regular eye exam to get new glasses. The Dr. thought I had a torn retina.
But it was one of the largest tumors they had ever seen.
The only treapment they could give me was removel of the eye.
Of course I was scared to death. The Tumor was maniglent and large. They got it all. And for 2 and1/2 years I am cancer free.
It will take time to adjust to one eye. I drive even at night. I was so scared. I lost my perrifal vision and depth. But it takes time. Be patiant and do like I do pray alot.
Hope everything turns out ok with you. Like it did for me.
With lots of and support from family and friends I will survive!!!!!!
God Bless You and my prayer's are with you:

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I have just been diagonised with choroidal melanoma about 11.3mm also swelling in the middle of eye and lots of new blood vessels. Dr hasnt seen anything like it. He wants me to go to another specialist about radiation. I have two preschoolers and more worried about being a mum and watching them grow up than losing an eye. (Im 27)although terrified about that.
Is it very painful? the dr said I wont even stay in overnight. dr hasnt given much infomation like chances of spreading if I have radiation or removal of the eye. Finding it hard to stay positive. There doesnt seem to be alot of support or information in New Zealand.
love to hear from anyone.

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JoMay, My husband has an appointment June 30, 2004 with Dr. Jerry Shields at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia Pa. He has a choroidial Nevus that grew the last time we went to see the Dr. three months ago. It is still considered a neves but the fact that it grew is a sign that it is changing and will need treatment. He has had retinal bleeders and can't see well out of that eye anyway so having the eye out may be a reasonable option for him. My heart goes out to you though. You are young and have two children to raise. Having an eye out seems so barbaric but the alternative is worse. I can tell you that my husband has gotten used to being alomost blind. He is sad at times but for the most part he keeps busy and doesn't think alot about it. I will pray for you JoMay so that you will have the strength to endure the emotional and psychological trama which I believe is worse than physical pain involved.envolved

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I was diagnosed with choroidal melanoma early 2004. I went to Boston for Proton Beam treatment at the Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary. I talked to a person who had proton beam treatment 12 years ago without any recurrence. People from all over the world go to Boston for treatment. Read about Proton Beam treatment. Hope things are ok with you.

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beckystutts, I am a breast cancer survivor, I've been searching the site on behalf of a friend, whose daughter is scheduled for the Proton Beam treatment next monday. Can you give us any more insight to the treament and such?

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Dear JoMay,
I have just been diagnosed with Chorodial Melanoma and I am scheduled for the operation next Thursday. They are putting a radiation patch on my eye. Did you have this procedure? If so, can you tell me what I am in for? Will it hurt? Have you lost vision due to it? I am really scared and I would love to hear from someone who has already been through it. Please help!!!
Thanks, Darlene

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