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Need help

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I am 32 years old. I am going in for a wide local excision of the right vulva on 5-8-03. I have been on line researching what to expect afterwards but have not gotten many results. I have had two prior surgeries one at 25 for cysts, endometriosis and a leep procedure on my cervix. Second leep at age 30. My latest biopsy indicated VIN III. I feel very uncomfortable discussing this with people as I had never heard of vulvar cancer before. My doctor, I feel, has not given me much information. I have called and left a message but no return call. Maybe I am being a bit whiney as other women are much worse off than I. I was even reluctant to go on this site. I was hopeful that I may find some help here. Just knowing there are others brings me comfort however, I wish none of you would have to experience such a thing.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi i am jeanna, my mom is due to have the same surgery on the 29th of May. I have talked with her doctor and i know a little about it. But i have had a hard time finding out stuff about this kind of cancer also. i cant seem to find anyone who has had it. it is really rare. i would be glad to share with you or even compare what i know to what you know. my email address is jeannachilders@yahoo.com

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I went through this in November 2001. I was more afraid of the "afterwards" then of the surgery itself. I was in Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Florida for 10 days. I was supposed to be in the hospital for only 3-4 days but I developed an abcess in the skin graft. In the hospital they were very helpful in showing me how to care for myself after the surgery. I came through fine and without infection. Just follow what your doctor and nurse tell you. They will show you how to care for yourself. I did and that was over a year ago. If you would like to talk you can reach me at www.trooper_8@juno.com. jg

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hi! I have had a few excisons, and they heal pretty quickly, or at least mine did. Go to GYNGALS. com, there are liek 80 vulvar cancers victems ther,e they'll know more !

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