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I am a 35 year old female. That was recently diagnoised with anal cancer. I am in the middle of my treatments radiation and chemo. They have me on a 4 day continous chemo treatment. along with radation. The burns are terrible. I can't believe how painful this can be. I only have 12 radation treatments left. There are times that I think that I can't go on with the radiation any longer. But, at the age of 35 I would be stupid to give up now.
I would very much like to talk to anyone that was daignoised with anal cancer that is between the ages of 30 - 40.

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Although I was 46 when I went through the same thing, I was a very young 46 in 1991. I still was working out at the gym 3 to 4 days a week and was interested in being a police reserve officer! I had 6 months of chemo for 1 week the beginning of each month. Then in the middle of that treatment I had radiation every week day for 5 weeks. Yes, there were times I wished I was dead. It sounded so much easier and I suppose it would have been. However, I kept working 20 hours a week and pushed until I thought I had nothing left! I was weak, nauseated, burned beyond belief, with constant urinary urgency............ Well, today I am almost 59 and I have moved from Southern California to Florida in anticipation of my retirement. The worst "leftover" I have from that time in my life is a colostomy. You did not mention that! I live with it but I hate it! It changes many things in your life but I do get by! I am considered somewhat of a maricle statistically, I should be dead! So, there is life after rectal/anal cancer! Hang in there. Your time to celebrate has yet to come!

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I read your story. I am very sorry to hear about your radiation problems. I was not diagnosed with anal cancer, I am a leukemia survivor. However, I did go through a long time of high dose radiation. The dr's measure it in some manner that I am not too sure of, only that they told me that it was very high dose "for good measure". I guess that is akin to killing a fly with a .357 magnum!! Anyway, I too had a lot of burning. I started using a very good quality Aloe lotion. NOt one with a small percent of aloe, but an almost pure and natural aloe lotion. It really helped a lot. I also know that putting it on before treatment also helps to. Well, I really hope you don't give up. Life is worth fighting for. Take care, and God speed.

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Dear Candy, I had this diagnosis at 27, but the tumor had been growing for about two years, having started at about age 25, I am the youngest case known around here for this cancer. I would be happy to discuss any thing you like. I have just turned 31 in May. Good Luck,

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Hi Candy I was 36 when I had anal cancer and also had a terrible time with the burns I had 3rd degree burns up inbetween my legs and instead of taking a break the radioligist increased my radiation I was not a happy camper but when my oncoligist seen me she call the radioligist and gave him heck for not giving me anything for them I was in tears in pain well she gave me some Silverdime (SP) cream that they use on burn victims and that helped. Please make sure that they are not over radianting you I am going through so many medical problems now 8 years later because of it. IF you have any questions just email me at daltonco98@yahoo.com my name is Cory. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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I've just gotten diagnosed and am waiting for the MRI results to see what stage it's at. Have you finished treatment and is the burned area still bothering you? I hope not! It sounds like you were pretty miserable. Have you had a colostomy? I'm hoping to avoid that, but if the radiation leaves me incontinent it might be better. Is there anyone out there who went with the radiation/chem without the colostomy and wishes they hadn't?

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Hi. I'm 47 and finished my treatment in April. I was able to contol the diahrrea with lomotol, diet and a schedule. I got to the point to where if I took the meds every 6 hours, I had a BM at 6 am and again at 6pm. I was pretty much able to get back to a "normal" life. I haven't eaten a real vegetable since March. I lived on yougert, applesauce, white rice and bananas for about 2 wks until I got things figured out. Add a food, see what happens. Add another. In my view avoiding a colostmy is why we went through this hell in the first place. Yes I still have pain, my skin has grown back, my hips and groin muscles are very tight and sore, but I don't have a colostomy.

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I am a new member to this site and am recovering from radiation and chemo for anal cancer. My last treatment was May 9, 2003. I still have problems with my lower back and feet hurting. The burns have healed thanks to vitamin E cream. The first chemo gave me a heart attack but I then got it weekly for 6 weeks. I do not have diareha (spellng?) because I take psyillium every night without fail. I have a lot of good things to tell anyone who wants the info on how I made it back. It was a long and hard recovery but I did do it. Thanks for the forum to speak out.

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I forgot to say in my message that I am 55 years old. I very much did not want to fight back but you must find the strength to do it.

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I posted my first message yesterday and I would like to include my email. It is djshartzer@earthlink.net. Please, anyone, feel free to email me to discuss either your cancer or mine.
Thanks! Jean

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Candymo - Hope you are doing well. At 43, I'm a little older than you, but I'm also female and newly diagnosed with anal cancer. Found out about the cancer several weeks ago, and learned today that the petscan showed it has spread to my liver. Not good... Oh well, I've always been a survivor and I assume I'll survive this as well. Too much to live for and too young to think any other way. I'll likely be starting treatment right after thanksgiving -- can't be soon enough. I'm anxious to get started.

Has anyone else out there had the cancer spread to liver and groin lymph nodes and, if so, what's the prognosis and how are you feeling? I'm feeling 100 percent physically and haven't been sick for as long as I can remember, so I'm assuming that's good news. (Of course, I know treatment will change that!)

The hardest part is really dealing with the embarassement...I guess we never get over the playground embarrasement of using the "A" word! Am I alone feeling weird telling people the kind of cancer it is, or are others feeling the same way? How do you cope?

Thanks for letting me vent. And best to you Candymo. I'm sure all will be well for you. 35 is a great age, and things get better every year, so I hope you hung in there with those last 12 treatments. Let me know how you are doing.

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Dear Candymo
How are you doing one year later. My wife has just finished her treatment but as you the burns are terrible. When did you feel back to "normal?"

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Getting in contact one year later... I am a 37 year old female. I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago and am 3 weeks into radiaition treatment. Yep, the burns, it's just started getting really painful, instead of just the itch. If you are still around, I would like to talk about this, or anyone else who wants to discuss it.

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I was diagnosed with anal cancer when I was 32,and the radiation was a high aggressive dose for 33 days. I too have permenant radiation damage,I would rather not mention where,but you can guess. Just recently found out that from the radiation I had vascular disease, there was no blood flow in my left leg, but I got a ballon put in and now things are fine. Yes the burns are unbearable, and all of the other side affects that go with it,the same with the chemo given in a high aggressive dose,because of my age at that time. I was a year and 7 months cancer free and it came back,only because of where the tumor was located,and it was a little higher than the first time. I had to get a colostomy,because of my circumstances. Everyone is different. I am now 37 years old and 1 year and 4 months cancer free the 2nd time around.Yes the colostomy does change your life,but I believe there is a reason for everything that happens, the colostomy grows on you after awhile,and you learn to live with it(but at times not like it). Anyone feel free to e-mail me if you like for support or anything else. babyj@rochester.rr.com. Good Luck and God Bless :0)

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