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more good news and a ?

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I've got two pieces of good news. First, the steroids (prednisone) have helped immensely with the problem I had near my lymph node incision that was biopsied to rule out a recurrance about 3 weeks ago. I don't even need pain killers at this point. On top of that, I had my 3 month check up today with the oncologist and blood tests were all clear. Time to do a happy dance!
Now, my question.......since the rad onc and med onc believe that the damage may have been caused by my mammogram, they want to rethink doing that again. I know they can ultrasound specific areas because that's how they found my cancer the first time, but do any of you use other options besides mammography on a routine basis.
I've had abdominal cts and bone scans, but nothing else of my breasts. TIA! Diane

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Don't have an answer to the question, just wanted to say great news. Congrats. sandy

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Hi just wanted to say congratiulations on the good news.bunnie

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There was recently a report on using a magnetic resonance imaging technique specifically to identify breast cancer sites. It is not used as a primary screening tool, but in your circumstances, it may be an alternative to mammography due to medical history. My cancer never showed on ultrasound OR mammography. Talk with doctor about your future options.

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Thanks - I'll check into this....Diane

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