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Recurrent/ Metastatic Tongue Cancer

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My mother had surgery on 2/12 to remove a rather large ulcer on the left side of her tongue, radical neck dissection and also had reconstruction from a flap from her forearm. Additionally, she received a peg tube for nutrition and a trach for airway management. She was to undergo both chemo and radiation, but the first week of treatment her veins collapsed so she received 1/2 of the chemo treatment and 3 days radiation. They then put an infusaport in her so that she could receive her chemo, but she got sick to her stomach and didn't feel well for 3 days after so they gave her an entire week off of treatment. When she started back to treatment she got her chemo on Mon. and radiation on Mon. Tues. & Wed. but then again got ill and had quite of bit of swelling in her neck. She went back to see her surgeon who agreed with the oncologist that she had an infection going on in the neck (they called it cellulitis) and lengthened her antibiotic treatment to 2 weeks. The oncologist decided again to give her time off of treatment, due to that they were feared that the radiation would irritate the infection. WEll, needless to say after her 2 weeks of antibiotic treatment were done she went back to the surgeon and guess what? He found a new ulcer on the right side of her tongue! (I forgot to mention that when she was there 2 weeks prior to this visit he scoped her and did a very thourogh evaluation and didn't see anything out of the ordinary). He ordered a cat scan and that revealed 4 new tumors growing! Has anyone ever had any thing grow this fast? The surgeon said that this type of cancer will go to the lungs first. He also told her us that he could not remove this tumors without removing quality of life.

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HI I was wondering what type of cancer your mom was diagnosed iwth. My mom had a radical neck dissection on 1 may. I pray that both our mothers would not sufffer. it is so difficult to watch healthy people deteriorate. email me jscroskrey@aol.com

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Hello jscroskrey and cintee,
I would like for you to have faith and hopes.
In 1982 I had cancer on the left side of my tongue and it spread to my left lower jaw bone.
I had four operations to remove half of my tongue a radical neck dissection plus most of the lower left jawbone was removed.I took 8 weeks of radation with 4 boosters between the third and fourth operation.This lasted 20 years being cancer free.Last year I had a leasion on the right side of my tongue.Yes it was cancer again.This time half of what was left of my tongue was removed as well as the neck dissection on the right side.Sure aint got much tongue left I do hope that no cancer comes back
IT TAKES WILL POWER and STRONG FIGHTING to get by. bmontgomery001@charter.net

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My gosh u have gone through it how ever dop u manage did you have sqamous cell They say smoking and drinking can cause it not that im am suggessting you are

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Yes it was and is still a very hard thing to cope with in so very many ways,But what other option is there?I do have some very hard to get through times.I cant talk too plain its tongue tied cause my tongue was sewn down on the left side to cover the remainder of the jaw bone,cant eat like I need to.Lost lots of weight and put it back on with the wrong kinds of goodies {ICE CREAM }and etc.Most soft foods are loaded with the bad fat<: but="" hey="" i="" still="" want="" to="" survive.but="" will="" say="" the="" cancer="" came="" back="" on="" right="" underside="" and="" nearly="" lost="" it.man="" that="" was="" a="" huge="" blow.="">

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