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My dad's tests came out clean. Remission

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He is offically in remission and his bone marrow transplant took. While this is adult children of survivors, I am only 17. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma when I was 15 and had to become a caretaker. I'm so happy he's in remission. He'll be able to go to my high school graduation next year. He'll be able to send me off to college. I am also happy for selfish reasons. SInce he's been feeling better it is as though I have my childhood back. I don't have to worry about how I'll pay for college, or my health insurance if something happened to him, or how food and shelter will be provided. I'm so relieved. It'll still be a long way until he's 100% healthy, but this is good enough for now.

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I read your note & just wanted to tell you that, whether you realize it or not, you are a really great & strong person. It must have been extremely difficult to go through that during your growth years, the most important ones. My aunt had a bone marrow transplant last year & although my cousin tried to care for her, he wasn't as dedicated to her as you seem to be for your father. She is still recovering & yes, it is a long & difficult recovery. Hang in there.

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What a blessing to ready your post. Your news is wonderful and you have certainly been there for your Dad. I am sure you have had many worries as your Dad has dealt with this disease, and you have been such a perceptive and caring young person. Good luck as you finish up your school year - and you'll be a Sr. at this year's end.
Thanks for sharing your story!

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