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My Mom is starting chemo next week.

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She had surgery. The tumor was 2.5cm. Her doctor got clear margins and he thinks they got it all. Her oncologist says it's standard to do chemo for tumors over 2.0cm. From what I've read, the survival rate for older women (she's 66) with early stage breast cancer (she's Stage 2) is only 2% better with chemo. I just hate to see her go through the side effects of chemo if it only improves her chances 2%. She is scheduled to have 12 rounds of chemo (one every three weeks), followed by six weeks of radiation. Does this sound standard, or should I encourage her to get a second opinion before starting chemo?

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I urge you for peace of mind to get the second opinion however it most likely will say the same thing. My mother was not able to endure the chemo as she had a heart attack the weekend following the first treatment and it was stopped. She did go through radiation and it helped her along with tamoxifin. She simply could not endure the regular chemo. She was 78 at the onset of her cancer.

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A second opinion would help with peace of mind, and make it easier to live with watching the side effects and such. Encourage a second opinion, and make sure your mother is comfortable with her medical care team. A good team of doctors and nurses can make a world of difference.

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Clear margins does sound like good news! It sounds like you have everything planned for continued care. I don't know too much about these treatments, but I feel a 2nd opinion is always a good idea. My Dad has many Drs. he consults with, and that has been very helpful.
Keep up your courage and faith as you deal with your Mom's condition. My Mom had breast cancer when she was 39 and is a strong and healthy 75 year old! The surgery done at that time cured her. She has been a strong supporter of many women facing this disease, and now she is my Dad's strongest supporter. Amazing at how others offer such love and care during these difficult times. The best to you and your Mom, as she goes to her treatments. :)

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