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I am an almost-10-year survivor of invasive cervical cancer and I just want to stress that I would not be here today, nor would I have my son if I had not been to a specialist. Please, if you haven't, find a gynecologic oncologist. I talk to so many women who are being treated by their OB/GYN or their family doctor...wonderful physicians, I am sure - but their days are not filled with case after case of female cancer. My OB/GYN and family physician both said "radical hysterectomy". I chose to see a specialist (as I had not yet had a child) and my son was the subsequent gift as a result of my persistence. Never be afraid to get a 2nd or even 3rd opinion. It is YOUR life and your body. Ask questions and do research. I didn't have access to a computer when I had my surgeries. This site would have been such a blessing at that time, but glad to have it now!

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I agree. And sometimes it really does takes seeing more than one specialist to get the right treatment. I was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer in December 2002, I am 27 years old with no children and I was also told that the only treatment was a radical hysterectomy by my gyn and a specialist - gynecologic oncologist. I insisted on getting a second gyncologic oncologists opinion and only then did I learn about a trachelectomy, which is a procedure where the doctors remove only the cervix with the cancerous tumor and the pelvic lymph nodes but the leave the uterus. So it is still possible for me to have children. My husband and I can begin trying to conceive this December and hopefully I will be successful. I can't stress enough how important it is to see not only one specialist, but as many as it takes until you feel like you are getting all your questions answered and are comfortable with the treatment plan and your physician.

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