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Dear ladies, take heart . . .

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Yes, I am a man, but I have a sister with an amazing medical history that includes almost every medical disaster that can befall the human critter except heart disease (her sister and I take care of THAT family trait). In childhood she suffered from all the diseases children suffered in the '30's, save polio, culminating with TB in the '40's. As an adult, she has had relapses of TB, breast cancer and a mastectomy followed by cancer in the OTHER breast and a mastectomy! When she was to go into the hospital for reconstructive surgery, they found a large intestinal tumor. Later, ANOTHER intestinal tumor was surgically removed. Meanwhile she has had BOTH hips replaced due to arthritic damage (she still teaches square dancing!) and last year her husband, a Pearl Harbor Survivor veteran, was diagnosed with Alzheimers!

You'd expect that to depress or sour almost anybody, but my sister is the happiest, gayest, most cheerful and upbeat person I know!

Oh, by the way, that last abdominal cancer is one day going to kill her. They took all they were able, but it was mucoid and clung to the surface of all of her intestines and organs and as hard as they tried, they could not remove it all. Does this get her down or slow her down? Not a whit!

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Hi so sorry to hear about your sister.We will all keep her and your family in our thoughts.bunnie

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But no sorrow needed. This gal never feels sorry for herself and when others are ill, she's ready to be the ray of sunlight to shine on them, not the weeping, sorrowful well wisher. You should have seen her when our oldest sister had her triple bypass. Fresh out of the surgical recovery room, this gal is in there going over all the gory details and how to deal with them as happily as one can imagine! The one just recovering was even ready to laugh, but it hurt too much! It was a classic case of "Don't make me laugh, it hurts too much!"

When I got out of surgery for my colonic resection, she was there, ready for a game of pinochle; my favorite card game. Unfortunately, I had some complications that sent me back to the hospital and it took fully two months to feel at all well again. Did that giver her pause to pity me or feel sorry for me? Don't make me laugh. She was all encouragement and eager suggestions on how to improve my recovery. Truly a guardian angel although she and her husband live over a hundred miles away.

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Hello there,
I am 45 yrs old and have since my 20s dealt with cancer. I have had a rough riide but as my page suggests I am "Still Ticking". I too have a regrowth of a very large intestinal tumer that was removed in 2001. It is so large now that it is right on top of my pancreas. My diagnosis has changed to stage 3-4 organ cancer. Conventional meds are no longer a option. So I am taking alternatives at this point. Your sister is truelly a woman, and inspiring to me. I believe the Lord has a reason for all this, and we find out when He wants us to. I am still waiting to find out what His Will is for me. However I will remain loyal and I do indeed "Take Heart".
God Bless You
Love cathy

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And may you live as long and as full and as joyful a life as my sister. I do not recall her age with the first bout of Breast cancer, but she is very nearly seven years my senior, and I'm over 60!

Nor has she ever lost her faith.

She and my other sister were at loggerheads for decades. My oldest sister (nearing 70) was aggrieved by her little sister always getting all of mom's attention. Then, when mom was too old and frail at 86 to live alone any longer, she moved in with my oldest sister and my other sister came often to visit. To mom's delight their necessary closeness and requisite politeness for her sake led them to candidly discuss all the things that troubled the older one about their relationship and, to my mother's delight, they made a full rapproachmont. Thus contented on her last bit of unfinished parenting, mom had a massive stroke and peacefully left us soon thereafter.

It is NEVER too late for hope!

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Hello Oly:

And what a man you are!!! It's so wonderful that you not only appreciate every single day but fully understand where your sister has been and delight in the way she's handled it! Such sensitivity is wonderful in a male or female.

Your story is a most wonderful reminder that with our our hope, our families and those who love us by our sides, we can manage virtually anything life throws at us, well.

May you all live long and happily and continue to celebrate life! Seems that you're doing just that! You must have been an amazing source of strength and encouragement for your sister as she has been for you!

Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Love, light and laughter,

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Thanks for the kind words. I most truly hope you are doing well yourself.

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