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Humminbyrd & All I miss YOU!!!

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Dear Guys & Hummingbyrd,
I am so missing you all. I have purchased a Dell computer, and I will be utilizing it by the 6th of next month. Ay least I will be able to join your chat if it is still running Humminbyrd. I can type a bit faster now that the weather is clearing up. I just want to come home & be a source of strenth for those who have been there for me, in addition to those who have recently arrived. Everyone be Blessed In Jesus Name!!! I have been kinda sick lately, but the Lord is definately not finished with me yet!!!!! So I will be here more often, as I do believe all here as a extended part of my family. I pray for all of you daily.
God Bless You All
Love Cathy

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Your message brought the thought of being ill and without a computer to mind. I'm so glad your Dell is on the way! A million kisses and hugs, Denise

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Hi sevey, sorry to hear you have been sick lately, I hope you are doing better by now?? Glad you are getting your own computer, I am sure you will get plenty of use out of it. A lot of us have posted on hummingbyrds web page, she has not been posting the last few days, her computer crashed and I think she had to wait for a part. Her web site and chat room is still going and lots of fun, hope to see you there soon. Take care sevey,god bless you. (((hugs))) emmi

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Thanks for letting me know about Humminbyrd Guys. Poor thing, I know she loves to be with us. I hope she gets her part soon. I cannot get to her chat on this computer, but will be able to on my new one. Actually it is two years old, but it is better then this ten year old packard.
God Bless & Se You Soon
Love Cathy

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Been missing you too! Like emmi said, my computer crashed, but as always even the bad is a blessing! Long story, so I'll tell you later. Hope all is well with you, can't wait for you to get your own computer! I know you are excited! God bless and I love all of you. Hope to be back online with in the next week, working off my laptop now. Take care, luv, hummingbyrd.

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