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Hi I am from Monterey County, California and I am a survivor of Hodgkins Disease that I had twice and a bone marrow transplant using my own bone marrow. I was 16 when I was first diagnosed and I am 24 now and will be 7yrs remission May 28,2003 I was treated at Lucille Salter Packered Children's Hospital at Stanford. I am a very open person and am open to discussion about everything.

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This web site is what my son and I have been looking for. My son is 25 and has been fighting hodgkins since Feb. 1, 2002, after 6 months of chemo , he was in remission for 2 months, and then the cancer was back. after 15 times more chemo over 4 months he began the stem cell rescue. He was in the hospital for over a month and just released on April 4th. It has been a long hard walk. The doctor's now want him to start radiation next month because it still appears to be there. It is nice to talk to someone in remission because sometimes you have doubts that you will survive. He has never talked to any one with hodgkins and keeps a lot of things bottled up. I can't image what he is going through. We are in the process of finding support groups (you think the hospital would have told us about them) but not finding many groups. Did support groups help you? Thank you for the encouragement.

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I have been in remission from Hodgkin's IIA for 2 years now -- and going strong -- please know that Hodgkin's is very curable. My thoughts and prayers are with your son and your whole family.
Websites like these were (and still are) a saving grace for me. You can also check out the Bulletin Boards at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Page (www.leukemia-lymphoma.org).

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Hello, I am 10 years Cancer free this month. He will get through it. It is a long road. Was the longest year of my life, and then another 5 years of watching me. If you have any questions abput the radiation, feel free to ask. My prayers are with You.

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