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Arimidex or Tamoxifen??

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Which is better??? I know some women don't have a choice, but if u do, I'd like to hear your opinion.
Thank you very much.

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There seems to be less side effects with the Arimidex and the research seems to be pointing to Arimidex, but tamoxifen is still the drug of choice because of its long history of working. I have been on both and had no trouble with either. The only difference I notice, is the hot flashes seem to be more intense and frequent on Arimidex than tamoxifen. However, I am noticing that they are starting to lessen now that I have been on Arimidex for 2 months. Do some research on the internet and talk with your doctor. As long as you are post menopausal, I doubt if the doctor will insist on one or the other. Whatever makes you comfortable. I like to print the info off the internet and take it and discuss it with my doctor. That way I have everything in black and white and it makes it easier for me to discuss. I hope this helps.

God Bless,

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Sorry to butt into this message but I noticed that you said "as long as you are postmenopausal, I doubt if the doctor will insist on one of the other". Do you know if one is preferred over the other if you are not postmenopausal? I am 40 and my MD has said I will have to take something after chemo and radiation. He mentioned tamoxifen but he said there were others out there that may be an option. Just wondering what your experience was. Thanks, Karen

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Jamjar, u must be postmenopausal to take Arimidex.

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Have you had any replies? I would like to hear the response.

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hi sweet-onion,I was put on tamoxifen after I finished chemo because my cancer is hormone fed and ended up having to have a hysterectomy because this drug caused a tumor that was already present to grow and caused me to bleed very heavily so they ended up doing the hysterectomy.Im back on the tamoxifen since then and havent had anymore problems except hot flashes and the night sweats.I dont like being on this drug but its better than the breast cancer returning.If anyone knows if the other drug arimidex is better then the tamoxifen or less side effects please e-mail me,because ive already had one bad experience from taking it.E-mail::miraclemom12632001@yahoo.com

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hello - miracle mom? I was wondering how long you were on the tamoxifen before you started bleeding? I had no period since October, during chemo. Finished chemo in December and started tamox. 1 month ago. I just started my first period on Monday and it has been pretty heavy. I hate this. I was glad not to have my period! :)
I'm 38 years old and finished having children. I was hoping not to have a period on tamoxifen at all.


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Hi sweet onion, here is my story. In '92 (age 44)a mammo found a calcification which turned out to be estrogen receptive cancer. Had lumpectomy and nodes taken out, which were clear. Only needed radiation. Then went on tamoxifen. Was on it for 5 years till '97. While on tamox. my periods were coming further apart and the hot flashes started! In 1997 periods had stopped altogether. In summer of 98 had a period that was heavier than I had ever had. Lasted for 6 weeks until I saw Gyno and he gave me medicine which stopped the flow but when that med was done, I thought I was hemorraging! Had tests and he said my lining was messed up (forget the technical jargon) and suggested a hysterectomy. Which I had but still had hot flashes so don't know if hot flashes were from Tamoxifen or from menopause. In 2000 surgeon found another mass on mammogram in same breast which I had off and went through reconstruction. Went back on tamoxifen until I couldn't stand the hot flashes anymore. Surgeon put me on Effexor (anti-depressant) which didn't help the flashes. Surgeon suggested I see oncologist who put me on Arimidex, which I have been on since Dec, 2002. The hot flashes are still there but are different than on Tamoxifen. They are more frequent and less severe. But no matter the severity, I am sick of them! Two weeks ago I started otc Remifemin which I heard from several friends does work. My oncologist said that Arimidex is for women past menopause. My question is: If you only have to be on Tamoxifen for 5 years, why did the cancer come back? If I stayed on the Tamox. longer, would it still come back. I know, these are questions for my surgeon and I always forget to ask him. I'll try to next appointment. Sorry this is so long.

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arimidex has a different action then Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen blocks the absorption and the reachtion to estrogen and Arimidex block it's production. Arimidex is showing to have a lesser risk of uterine cancer as a side effect. I have a family history of uterine cancer so my oncologist put me on Arimides. I am post menapausal which you have to be for Arimides. I didn't have any of the side effects for 4 months, now I am having the hot flashes, but they are tolerable.

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