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Hi everyone I am new here. I am 23 years old and a survivor of neuroblastoma. I don't know very much about the type of cancer I had except that is a rare childhood type of cancer. I will appricate anyone's reply to this message and I offer my support as well.

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hi auquagirl i just was dx last wed apr.16 that i have a olfactory neuroblastoma tumor.my surgery is sched. for may 5 and im very much afraid
when did you have yous and what was it?

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hello joev,
Ive just read you were due to have surgery last month. How did it go? I had major surgery to remove a large adrenal tumour, that turned out to be ganglioneuroblastoma. Still having tests to see what treatment I need. I hope you have/are recovering well. I would like to hear how your getting on, perhaps compare notes! All the best

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I'm a neuroblastoma survivor myself. When I was about 3 or 4 years old, I had a monster trying to invade my kidney. I had surgery & chemo to kill it. Since then, I haven't had any relapse of that horrible monster. I don't know much about the chances of a "relapse", but I pray I won't develop any other type of cancer again. Unfortunately, I had a reaction to the chemo drugs. I'm 32 now & I've been having problems with "memory lapses". I was wondering if you had that problem too? I also was in "special education" classes when I was younger & in highschool too because during my treatments, I was delayed in learning the necessary subjects. Also, how are you feeling too? I guess that's about it & please e-mail me when you can. God Bless! Angela "Matthew 7:7"

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2years in remission from Glioblstoma ,

I had both Chemo and Radiation.

I now frequently have bone and mustle pains (internal pains) that seem like nothing can ease the pain.

I have been told that this pain is a residual from the chemo and should dissapate on its on within a couple more years.

Does anyone have any suggestions (for pain releif) other than the emergency room for the severve episodes?

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