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can anyone help me

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My mom was just diagnosed with vulvar cancer. I am trying to see what the normal course of action is, what questions to ask the dr, and how i can help her the most? Is there something in particalar i can help her to prepare for? What is the normal course of treatment and life expectancy? I would really appreicate it if i could get an answer from anyone my email address is jeannachilders@yahoo.com

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Hi Jeanna, Was not sure if you got my e-mail or not. Home from surgery. I definately think being informed is definately important. Doc did not give me much help. Search words to try again are: Gynecological cancers, gynocological oncologists, surgeries, wide local excision, vulvar cancers, etc.Good luck, Sondra

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Hi Sondra
I was diagnosed with Vulva C in July. On Sept 13th I had radical surgery including removal of the lymph nodes on both sides. About 2 weeks following surgery they removed the lymph node drainage tubes & 7 hours later I had a massive hemmorage from the right drain hole. We were able to control the bleeding but during that night it formed a huge Hematoma in the groin. My Dr advised that nothing could be done except to watch everything. On Nov 7th a hole opened up in the 4" incision that they had made to remove the right lymph nodes. It is now Dec 8th & I am still getting blood seepage from that hole. My Dr continues to be comfortable just waiting to see!!!!! I would like to hear of your experiences..
Mariejoyce in Northern Illinois

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Hi Jeanna, I'm not sure if you recieved my emails or not. If you have any questions you'd like to ask, you can email me. Just click the little letter icon below and you can ask anything you want. I've been through a few surgeries and may be able to help you and your mom. diane

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