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Hospice is going to take over my husband's care Monday. He is not real happy about this but the doctor told him there was nothing else to do. Do men deal with this very well? He has been in denial for so long. I'm hoping this will help him emotionally. Does anyone have advise on to help him deal with this and be cooperative with them. I know they are a wonderful bunch of people. MA

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I came looking for something concerning my caregiving for my wife who has breast cancer gone to the bone. I find another caregiver who is experiencing the exact same situation as I, just reversed. My wife did not want to go on Hospice. She now is of the opinion she can't get along without them. Great bunch of people, most of the time. There is a certain tendency to assume they know more of what is best for my wife, the patient and ignore my stating, "Well, this is what I SEE when you all are not here." We finally got that straight as I threatened to toss them out of OUR house and go broke hiring a private nursing service. Experiences will vary, I am sure, Hospice will be of the opinion that the patient's opinion matters and anyone else in the house, is at best, a supporting role. That is a good thing, of course. Again, experiences will vary. I think you husband will find out he prefers their help, especially when it affords him a bit of help and gives YOU some respite. In my case, having to work five to six days a week, I really do not see the Hospice people. Another idea, in Texas, State of Texas Outreach qualifies families and provides Worker's in the Home. In my wife's case, she gets 21 hours a week, of which she uses 20. She is just in love with her worker's, her "Friends". I was told after the FIRST day, her and my second daughter wanted to adopt the first one and had not even MET the second one as yet. They wanted to adopt her as well. If possible, get a one or two males to help your husband. Male bonding?


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By woring in a cancer center none of are patients are ever ready for hospice care, because when you say hospice its like saying we are giving up on you, But at my job we try to let the patient know that its not all about dying, we are looking out for you, We want you to be pain free, This is your time now, and your choice its not easy to say hey i am going on hospice when you have a son or daughter at home or a husband you fear that can not may it if your sick, Cancer patients all ways put other befor theire self, give them time they will come around.

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Hospice is a great group of people and they have a team that deals with this everyday they know how to help your husband deal with things and are there not only to make his time left comfortable but to be able to get the most out of it. talk with the nurse and sw in hospice and chaplin they are all there to help and are wonderful at the way they handle different situations they have the knowledge to help at this time. They are there for you also!!

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