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Slow Recovery

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I was diagnosed in March 02. Had an RPNLD in April 02. Finished 3 courses of BEP (which very nearly killed me) August 02.
I have been cleared to return to full time work since January 03 and have not been able to work a full 40 hour week since.
I have not been hungry for nearly a year (I eat by the clock). Though my white blood cell count is normal, I haven't been able to get rid of a cold as fast as I used to nor without the acquisition of secondary infections (sinus, lung, etc.). After about 6 hours of work each day my energy still runs out: I get very tired and feel "stunned". This fatigue was slowly getting better until about a month ago when I seemed to hit a brick wall. When I get home from work I don't do much of anything.
When I was first diagnosed I told myself I would accept any discomfort that came my way - and I have.
Now I'm getting frustrated and tired of being tired.

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My name is Nick and I went through BEP back in 1998. You are right, it is horrible! Anyway, I am a football coach and it took me 4 years to get most of my energy back. Keep the faith because it WILL return. Take care.

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went through surgery for removal of one cancerous testicle and had radiation treatment for 6 weeks soon afterwards. surgery was done in january of 2000. but the thing that really sent me under was the radiation treatment! i am still feeling very tired after working a full day and its been a couple of years.

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Although I didn't have BEP, I did lose about 30 pounds in 2 months when I was going through my ordeal. I had some friends from high school that went to my college that were pot heads. Anyway, they gave me some and it helped immensly with not only feeling drained of energy, but also gave me a rather large appetite. It also helped a couple of friends of mine (one took chemo, and the other radiation...different kinds of cancer though).

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I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in Jan. 00. After four rounds of chemo (each round 5 days in a row) and gaining 25 lbs. of weight, I am just starting to get my energy back. My urologist has me using testosterone replacment cream-testim. Since I started using this cream,I am finally getting my energy back. Hopefully, I can also take the weight off.

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