Lupron Injection Pain

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Yesterday I received my first 4-month injection of Lupron while awaiting my May 14th scheduled brachytherapy, but I immediately experienced a lot of pain at the injection site. The urologist said this is due to the volume of fluid he injected. Has anyone else experienced this and how long did it last?


  • nutt
    nutt Member Posts: 140
    Had some soreness for a day but not "pain". Maybe the nurse should do the injections as doctors are terrible at doing it right

    I too had lupron prior to and elected to have it after the seed implant.

    Keep in touch and good luck.
  • bearcat
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    I've been receiving these injections for over 4 years. Every one feels the same. Burning pain that day and a lot of soreness the next. My urologist tells me this is due to the volumn and viscosity of the transport liquid.