Rectal carcinoid tumor....Please help

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I am new to this board, and although I hope I find some help and make friends here, I would of preferred to meet everyone somewhere else. I have had rectal bleeding for 2 years. I know that I had internal hemmorhoids and the bleeding always said it was. You know streaking on the stool, dripping in the toilet bowl and on the toilet paper. For some reason this last time I was bothered by it, and it wouldn't leave me be. I am very religious and felt like God was prompting me to have a colonoscopy. So on April 4 I had it, the test was a breeze, the prep a pain. When he got done he said that I had the internal hemmorhoids, that was causing the bleeding, and a small---size of a match head rectal polyp. He told me at the time he thought it was beningn. Then on Monday, April 14th I got a call from his office to come in the next day. I just thought it was a followup appointment. When I got in there, he said that it wasn't a polyp, but a rectal carcinoid. He said that it was so small, that it wouldn't require chemotherapy. But I have to go have another colonscopy on May 14, he wants the area to heal between now and then, and then when he gets in there, he will take biopsys to make sure it is all gone. I am devastated, and suffering from horrible insomnia. It was a huge slap in the face, but it could of been worse, if I hadn't gone to the doctor for the bleeding, which had nothing to do with this cancer, I would not of found it for years. He said I could of gone another five years without symptoms.
Is there anyone out there with a carcinoid tumor in the rectum...Please, I am full of anxiety and fear. I also have ibs, and this is only making it worse. Thanks for listening to my story. I know now, why it is called the silent killer.



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    You're right, it would have been much nicer to meet everyone under better circumstances. Regardless, consider yourself very lucky. To begin with, the size of your tumor is very small, and that means your prognosis will be VERY good. The chances of nipping this thing before it spirals out of control is a good thing. To remove it, you may experience something similar to the colonoscopy procedure. It sounds like it could be removed easily. Also, be grateful that you don't need pre-surgery chemotherapy. It's one less obstacle you'll encounter.

    You mention religion. I believe that "everything happens for a reason," and this too has some significance in your life. I use my expereice to go and try to comfort other people experiencing the things I did. I figured it was my way of "paying back" to the cancer community by getting involved in local support groups. Your faith, attitude and knowledge will get you through this. I remember having some serious insomnia when I was diagnosed, too. So many things raced through my mind...will it recur, will I be around to see my kids grow up, how will this affect us financially. But in the end (no pun intended!) it all worked out very well. My surgery was January 2002, and I've been fine ever since. Be strong, you'll do fine. Please let me know if I can help you further. You'll find you'll have several friends who will stick by and support you, as well as your share of idiots who simply don't understand. The friends will help you through it all, as well as everyone on this site. Take care, and I'll pray for the best for you.

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    Hey Karla;

    I just got off the cancer ride of my life! An entire 15 months of fun! Right... I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectum cancer. After 6 surgeries, about 60 hits of chemo and about 40 radiation treatments, I am cancer free. Back to living a full life. So never give up! Yes, keep your faith strong. That is what got me through this ordeal. I met some of the greatest people who touched my life. People that didn't make it through their treatments. They kept me so positive! This is a life changer. You can sit and feel sorry, or for me, I decided to go on the offense and learn about everything.

    Look the chemo to treat this problem is not as bad as some. So 5-FU mixed in with a drip bag will do wonders. I carried a continuous infusion pump for 7 weeks 24X7 and Radiation at the same time as well. So I had two different sessions.

    There are 4 things that got me through this. Strong mind, continuous exercise (walking or jogging), God and great family and friends.

    So now I'm giving back time to help others through this ordeal. The people you will meet at the cancer center will be life changing! So there is hope at the end of the tunnel. Keep up the faith and blessings to you.

    Check in anytime. Just listen to those doctors and follow the path they recommend. Ask God for some guideance and things will fall into place.
    He will keep an eye over you!

    Don Lewis
    Pittsburgh, PA
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    Karla I have had to have surgery to remove a malingant growth from my colon. by catching it early, you are most likely going to be as I was lucky and did not need chemo or radiation but surgery to remove my sigmoid colon. I am not sure what to tell you but they found mine during a colonoscopy even though I had not had a pattern of symptoms. The stress and fear are normal as well as the mixed emotions. It will pass and the cure rate is excellent for an early diagnosis. Mine was july 12th of 2002 and surgery was the 24th of july and I wss able to leave the hospital after 6 days. Most recent colonoscopy in February was clean save for a two small polyps removed via the scope and am living a normal life now. Please try to get into the chat room and talk. Your IBS is only made worse by the stress and fear of this and perhaps we can help alleviate some of that fear.
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    Dear Karla,
    I too have just joined on with CSN, but I had colorectal cancer in 1984. Because of an early detection they were able to remove the problem area.

    I now have been in remission because of it!
    Yes I went through radiation, and several operations, but Thank God I am still here!

    Thank God that YOU are still here! You are a very blessed lady!

    The anxiety will slowly go, and faith will hopefully replace it! I'll tell you God really gets you through anything!! He never said that life was going to be an easy one, but he DID say that it would be worth it! I do find that when I am able to focus onto someone else instead of myself all the helped. It was very hard at first...because I had to get through the suffering and needing help first myself, but when the time finally came....I felt so alive again!!! There is nothing like helping others!!! I Hope and Pray that that you find the true joy from doing what you feel good about... when you are ready.

    Take Care and if you need to talk sometime you can e-mail me here!

    giver of hope