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Stage IV w/no options

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I'm hopeful that someone can give me some hope. My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer of the right lung yesterday, approximately 1 year after she had 20% of her left lung removed. She was told that she has 9 months to live. Obviously, she (and our whole family) are devastated. Due to her age (67) and previous lung surgery, the doctors say radiation and surgery are not options. They may due limited chemo to control the pain (which she has none of at this point), but they can't do the aggressive treatments. Does anyone have a Stage IV lung cancer recovery story, ideas for alternative treatments (that have worked), or any recommendations on how we can help her through this?
I'd appreciate any feedback.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello John;
So very sorry to hear about your mom, I know the anguish and fear that goes with this disease can be overwelming. I'm a stage IIB NSCLC survivor for almost 2 years now who believes there is always hope. Obviously, I'm not stage IV but if you go to lungcancersurvivors.org you will find many that are going through what your mom is. I would also suggest that when meeting with the doc.'s that someone go with her, with written questions and write down his responses. Because of the anxiety of the moment,information can be easily missed or misunderstood. I am also a believer in second opinions. I discussed this with my dr.'s upfront and then went about getting them. It didn't change anything but did provide me with some comfort. Again, my very best to you, your family and especially your mom.
God bless & be well
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My 34 year old son was diagonsed with stage IV he's undergoing carboplatin/gemsar chemo and doing very well. Never give up hope, praying helps alot.

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Hi Joshe
I was dignosed with stage 3B and then stage 4 over five years ago with no surgical options. My doctors refused to give me a time line other than the normal statistics. I've lasted the five + years with a significant amount of chemo and am still here. If nothing else, you should look at time lines as statistics and not as definitive sentences. That may help with attitude.

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Gerry, what treatment did you go thru for your cancer. And was that the originator of your cancer. My husband has head and neck that metazied to his lungs and is going thru a study of cisplatin, taxol and 5fu it is hell. The 40 radiation treatments he went thru last year for the neck tumor helped and was dissolved, but now we face this. Of course it is incurable but we hopfully can get some quality time back. Right now he is going thru hell again and no quality of life right now but it has got to get better. Readng your message that you are a 5+ survivor made me get some hope. my email is mktgintl@inlandnet.net thanks candy

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My Dad has been recently been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. He's had this nagging cough and a little pain in his side. They want to start chemo but I guess we are unsure about what to expect. We were not given very clear statistics but the doctor seemed to make it clear that this is hard to beat.

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