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my dad could have oval cancer and i am on 17

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hi my name is brandon.About a month ago my mom told me that my dad could have cancer.I really didnt know what to think.So i asked him a couple of Questions about the spot at the very back part of his tongue.He said its been there for about 5-7months.when he told me that,so many thought were going in and out of my head.Since i heard that he might have it,i been doing some research about mouth cancer and it makes be feel like there no hope.They say if u find it early your chances of survireing is high.But 5-7 month isnt early.Its been hard to think about it.Everytime i start to think about it makes me cry.Even as i write this i have tears going down my cheeks.i really just cant think about losing my dad.I Really dont know what i asking hear,i guess i just want to express what i am think to other people than my mom.If anyone has info or personal story i would like to hear it.

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Don't give up hope! I don't know much about mouth cancer, but I know about hope and prayer and it is stronger than any sickness! I will keep your father in my prayers... and you as well. Are you sure it is cancer? You said you mom said that your dad COULD have cancer... what is the update? Have they run some more tests? Keep your head up and don't worry...

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I agree with Jessica. I was diagnosed with cancer at the base of my tongue six months after first noticing a sore that I thought was being caused by a rough edge on a molar. That was five years ago. In your dad's case, it still may not be cancer and that would be great. But even if it is, there is a lot the doctors can do now. So don't dispare. Encourage him, pray for him and most of all, let him know you love him and want him to do everything he can to get better. That seemed to work for me.


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Hi Brandon,
My name is Marvin and I am a survivor of cancer of the left tonsil. I had a lump develop under my left jaw and I let it go for about six months. It just kept getting bigger. I finally went to the doctor and after numerous test and a biopsy they discovered the cancer in my throat.
The cancer had spread from my throat to the lymph nodes under my jaw and that was what the lump was. I went with a very aggressive treatment plan, surgery followed by radiation. That was almost two years ago and I am doing great. So you can see that we can beat this thing. Having you to love and care about will help your Dad beat this thing. If you want more information just E-Mail me at Marvano@aol.com. I will share with you and answer any questions you may have as best I can. Be strong and lean on the Lord! He has answered my prayers and gave me the strength to continue the fight.

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wow I came home today after taking care of my dad for awhile. I left there w/lil or no hope of his future. I lost my mom 2 yrs ago,best friend in feb and now my dad is going through this. He has had part of his tongue removed along w/lymph and is now going through radiation. I watch daily his health go down. The weight loss. ETC
You gave me a sprinkle of hope and for this I thank you........

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I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of
the tongue on Feb.6,2003. At the time I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with
my second daughter. I have never smoked. chewed tobacco, etc.. I
wasn't a risk candidate. This all started out as an ulcer under my
tongue 3 months before! My ENT dr. decided to wait until I delivered
to do a partial glossectomy. I delivered two weeks early to a healthy
girl on 2/15 and on 2/21 I went back to the hospital for the surgery.
He removed 1/4 front left portion of my tongue. The dr also took 8
frozen sections to check for a clear margin. I was in ICU for 2 days
and then on the oncology floor for 3 days. I was able to get down
liquids, broths, shakes and some cream soups. The resulst of the
frozen margins came back from the lab clear of cancer. After about 2
weeks I progressed to soft foods and did very well.

I then went to the Univ of Pennsylvania (in Phila., PA) for a second
opinion with the director of Head and Neck Surgery. He felt that the
1st surgery wasn't enough to make sure there was a clear margin plus
needed to do a neck dissection to remove the salivary gland and
lymphnodes. They would also reconstruct my tongue using the muscle and
arteries from my forearm and then take a skin graft from my thigh to
cover my forearm.

Needless to say this was very overwhelming! I just gave birth three
weeks before and he was telling me that I would need more surgery in
two weeks. I knew that I had to do it and the chances of me needing
radiation were slim to none. He wanted to save radiation as a last
resort due to my age. So 3/31 I went back into the hospital. I had the
hemi-gloseectomy, graft, flap reconstruction, tracheostomy, and radial
neck dissection.

I was in the ICU for 3 days and oncology floor for 4 days. I left the
hospital with the trach and with a feeding tube down my nose to my
stomache. I wasn't tolerating the tube feeds very well. They kept
expecting me to be taking in much more than I was and I kept getting
sick. What they failed to realize was that I haven't eaten normally
since Oct. so my stomache wasn't used to having a lot in it! The good
side effect has been the weight loss! I went for my check up two days
ago and they took the trach and the feedong tube out! I was sooooo
excited!! I am now on a liquid diet of broths, shakes, and cream
soups. I have dropped 50 lbs since having my daughter 2 months ago but
no harm done! I start to see the speech therapist this week and am on
the road to recovery. I just try to keep it positive and light at all

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