How long to recover from radiation treatment

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My husband underwent prostectomy last May, lupron shots started in June and every 4 months thereafter. Radiation Started Dec 2 and finished January 21. Has made excellent recovery from initial problems -diaharra (sp) incontentince etc. However, he is continung with problems sleeping,(restless legs). Was given Ambien but it did not help. Now also on efixir. The biggest problem is regaining his strength and energy level. Continues to be easily fatigued. He has always been a very active man working on one project or another. What is the 'normal' length of time to recover from the radiation effects. He is 74, initial PSA was 32.5 and .03 after surgery. No involvement of lymph nodes but it had expanded into seminal vessels. Thank you.

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    Marilyn, not sure what the correct answer is but I am 58 (pushing 59) and had radiated seed implant 15 months ago and just started to get my physical and emotional strength back in the last few months.

    Have gone walking every evening when weather permits, it helps tire me out for sleep and I get a more restful sleep.

    Being a few years older may take a little more time for the scar healing from radiation and the lupron (if still going) may be the real culprit but all in all, I would say Don has had a great reduction in PSA and recovery thus far!

    Hang in there, time and proper excerise does help but we may never get back to where we started.

    Keep in touch.
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    You may be looking in the wrong area. I had seed implant (radiated seeds) which made me a little tired BUT the hormone treatment really screwed me up. It did more to me physically, emotionally etc... than the radiation. It took almost a year for the hormone therapy (plus scar healing from radiation)for me to get back to where I believe I started the whole process.

    The hormone therapy may be the culprit for much of your husbands side effets BUT, if it is helping starve the cancer etc... I would be willing to live with not being my old self.

    Believe your husband as well I have much to be thankful for and some of those projects just don't need to be done.
    God Bless