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Melanoma Spread To Spleen

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Anybody out there had melanoma spread
to there spleen? A mass on the inside
and outside of my spleen was found.
Orgianl site was in the hair line of
my scalp. Deep. Cellur rare Blue Nevus
melanoma diagnosed. M R I found the
new mass in abdomen. If spleen is
taken out I fear I won't be able
to fight infection etc. Had thyroid
cancer removed in 99 total thyroidectomy
in 99. Anyone with SPLEEN MEST.OF MELANOMA.
pls. respond

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My husband was just informed that his Mets have spread to his kidney, liver, spleen and pancreas.

Talk to your doctor before you freak out about infections. Write down all your questions in advance of your appointment and take someone with you who will listen to the doctor's answers with you (so when you can't remember what the answer was, that person can walk you through it.)

He's in chemo and we're not living in a bubble; we're just very cautious about who comes to the house and where he goes and when.

Good luck and stay strong,


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I know they post is old but I figure maybe somebody still replies? For anybody that had Mets to the spleen? Did they tell you you had a cyst that wasn't anything to worry about prior to finding out it was cancer? Or was it the first time they noticed something on your spleen that they knew it was cancer? Because I've been told twice that a cyst on my spleen was nothing. The first time it was 3.1 centimeters and just the other day in the ER they told me it was 7.4 centimeters. Now it's causing me great pain and my doctor seems worried about it so he's getting me an MRI and also referring me to a blood specialist... So I was just curious if anybody had been told "oh that's nothing" only to find out later it was cancer?

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