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noni juice

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Does anyone know anything about noni juice to prevent cancer recurrence?

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pittsburg: This is the first I have heard about the fruit. I found a site: www.noniinfo.us/ Interesting uses for the entire plant..leaves, bark, fruit. The traditional uses listed lots of things, except cancer. However, anything that helps build at the cellular level cann't be all that bad. (disclaimer time!) As with any herbal remedy, you should check with your physician to be sure it does not interfere with any other medication you may be on. I used to bruise with every mammogram. My GYN took my list of herbs and checked his resources. Some of the ingredients acted as blood thinners. I stopped them and took Vit E and Dandelion. The following year, no bruising! Physicians are getting more intune to herbs. Ask before you take it. Mary

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