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stage IV adencarcenoma

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Hi, my name is Pam and I've been dx with the above. My case is a little unusual in that my cancer was found in my brain mets first. tumors in lung showed up 5 months later. I did rad on brain, just finished rad on lungs and am in chemo. Only 38 years old and fighting hard. Lost my husband to Leiomyosarcoma 2 years ago and have four children ages 5 - 20. I live in a smaller town and have had to really fight to find a doctor who WANTS to help my live. Isn't this incredible? I now have a doctor I really like and he is trying hard to help me. But, I am still scared. Any thoughts?

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God bless you Pam. You will be in my prayers. I live in California and my dad was diagnosed here while he was visiting me. They outlined a treatment plan for him and he was 75 years old... Then he went to his small home town in Tennessee and they sent him home to die... Patients should always be given hope, because miracles do happen every day. Only God knows the moment we will go home. There are always trial drugs and something to try. I wish you the best. I hope you have parents or close friends to help. Hang in there, never lose hope. I will pray for you to find just the right medical care. Love, terri

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Pam, you are so close my my age and far too young to have all of this happening. Look at some of my posts and here is some more infor on an alternative therapy that may help kill a bunch of bad cells. Some have had success with this light therapy and it does not harm others-no pain-might make your house plants grow stronger :)

On my trip-I took notes:

Progen 4050-Resonant Light Tech

Dr Solomon


4875 N Island Hgwy

Courtenay, BC

Canada V9N 5Y9

Phone 250-338-1399

Fax 250-338-1399

Ray has to put kelptic salt on his tongue and once it disolves he drinks lots of water while machine is on.

Suppose to kill the cancer bacteria....we think it is light the lights we have down in wells to sanitize the water.

Does not make noise. Six-eight hours a day.

I hope this helps...about $3000...I have emails and numbers of folks that use it. Email me.

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Hi Pam. I just read your Post...Cancer Sucks. I am a 10 year Survivor.Both Lungs. Like you I never Gave up. Plus I had the best Doctor in the world. Where the heck are you? If you are close i can hook you up with him. Dont give up Pam, If I made it, you can to///// And dont stop praying. Bobz1

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Thanks for your kind words. I am in Colorado. I just found out that my lung tumor is shrinking!!!! Finding a good doctor who WANTS to deal with Stage IV lung cancer was hard, but so far I am happy with him. He is interested in seeing me live and treating me aggressively. I have to travel an hour and a half to see him, but it is well worth the trip. However, if you are in a nearby state, I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about your doctor.

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I am a 15-yr survivor of adenocarcinoma of the lung. I was 37 at the time...please remain hopeful.

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I'm so glad you found a doctor that wants to help, don't give up hope. Prayer helps and miracles do occur.

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Pam - hang in there. Be scared - that's perfectly normal - but don't lose hope. I am a man. I was diagnosed at age 38 too. I have four children too - ages 8-18. Doctors had given me 6 weeks. Sent me home from the ICU with no follow up treatment. That was 6 years ago. I had mets to the brain and to the bones. In those 6 years, I underwent 8 chest tubes, 2 full thoracotomies, 2 lobectomies, 9 broken ribs, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), 38 days in a coma, a trach, untold doses of morphine, and other drugs I can't even spell - but hey, I am still here. The key to survival is this: only the good die young - choose to be bad - real bad. Me - I am bad to the bone - just ask my wife.

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What a great story, hang in there, and continue to be as bad as you can be.
Lung cancer surviver also,

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Hi Pam,
My dad has the same as you. He lives in a small town in Arkansas and has to travel to get his chemo. It's quite a challenge to get good doctors when your not in a big city. I think doctors don't try a lot (especially his) so if you have a good one, keep him! Keep your spirits up, people beat this everyday. Also, keep eating, even if you feel like you can't. My dad is to thin now, I think it helps if your stronger. Do what you got to do to get yourself better for your kids. They need you. Even if it means relocating to do that. God bless you and your family.

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