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Partial bladder removal/Malignant endometriosis

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I am a 50 yr. old woman who, on 2/28/03, had surgery for a cancerous tumor and invasive bladder cancer from endometriosis that had become malignant. I'd had a total hysterectomy in 1984 but my doctor put me on estrogen, which helped the endometriosis continue. I had 25% of my bladder removed, part of my vagina and a stent put in one ureter. After 5 weeks I just had the catheter removed and so far my bladder holds about a half cup before I have to empty. I am working on increasing bladder capacity. I start chemo sometime next month.My prognosis after chemo is expected to be excellent.Would love to hear from anyone who has had part of their bladder removed and discuss recovery and coping with cystectomy. MSH

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