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How many cycles of CHOP did you have?

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Hi Everyone!
I am 24, and was dx with agressive, large B cell diffused NHL at the end of last year. After 4 cycles, I had the full round of tests, and to my surprise, the tests showed that I was in remission. My doctor advised to have 2 additional rounds of chemo even after these tests were clear. After 6 rounds, I'm very ready for chemo to be over, but now she wants to 2 additional rounds of CHOP. I understand that she's very concerned of the chance of reoccurance, but I'm just wondering at what point this is overkill? Is there anyone out there that has been in a similar situation? How many additional rounds of chemo did you go through after you had clear scans??

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hi, i was not in remission until after 6 treatments. They stopped there. I am six months out now about ready for follow=up pet scan. I had CHOP plus Rituxan

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i had twelve treatments and rituxan. i finished up in april

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If I were you i would right to the nhl group on yahoo, most people are dealing with b-cell lymphoma and have great answers to questions!

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Hi doglover -

I had a similiar situation where after 4 CHOPs the CT scan showed no change (there was dramatic change in the scan after the first two CHOPs), so we did 2 more CHOPs then did a PET (don't know spelling) scan. The scan was 100% clear, so we did not proceed to the last two planned CHOPs (originally we planned 8). What my doctor did do was give me four treatments of Rituxin. I don't know if you were on this new drug, but it is very effective. Anyway, just a little input, hope it helps. jsb

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I have had 8 treatments of the chop and the rituxin with it. I believe it helped. Just waiting to see what is next. NHL is what I have/had. The hair is finally coming back Yes

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Better to be safe than sorry I say ...

I got 8 cycles of CHOP/R and wanted them to re-scan me after 6 because I was SURE it was all gone, but my ONC insisted on giving me all 8.
It's better to OVERKILL. =)

Hang in there .. you're almost done!


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I know your message has been out here along time...but I just got this website. I was diagnosed in Aug. 2002 with Non-Hodgkins Lymphona Large B cell. I had 6 treatments of Rituxan and CHOP. After 3 treatments the CT Scan showed it was ALL GONE. I had the remaining 3 treatments and then a CT Scan and PET Scan and they were both clean (Dec. 2002) I am still (Feb. 2004) in complete remission. I see the doctor/blood work ups every 2 months.

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