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My Fav. Uncle fights NSLC

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First, I am just so thankful for a place like this. Although we all know people in our own towns and can speak with them- this forum allows us to hear so many positive stories.

I am looking for positive stories today.

My Uncle is in Ohio and is treated for his stage IV cancer at a vet hospital. Currently he is home and round two of the chemo has been stopped.

He sounded good last night on the phone, strong voice and says he is sprouting some hair. He believes it is the chemo that pulled him down and made him reamin in bed most of the time since August.

His cancer has continued to spread and the chemo was stopped at his request.

He continues with a special gizmo from Canada which uses light wave technology and with Nanoi juice.

We are looking for positive stories as well as alternative meds. Anyone know the machine I speak of.

Finally, you are all in my thoughts. As a person who has lost several family members to cancer, it is always on my mind. I am active with the ACS and will walk again this year in the Relay for Life and continue to sell daffodils-doing my little bit for the cause. SO many of us think of you!

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Hi Rays niece,

I am so sorry to hear about the battle your uncle is going through. I can understand. I lost my mother 6 yrs. ago to cancer and now my mother-in-law has ben diagnosed with stage IV SMLC. I'm very intersted in learning about this "gizmo" from Canada. Can you tell me more about it? We are currently seeking alternative therapies as well. We have heard alot about the benefits of juicing and restrictive diets to help the body help itself. Have you come across this at all? We want a shred of hope so desperately but are also concerned about cons. Any info you can provide is much appreciated.

Prayers to you!

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On my trip-I took notes:

Progen 4050-Resonant Light Tech
Dr Solomon

4875 N Island Hgwy
Courtenay, BC
Canada V9N 5Y9
Phone 250-338-1399
Fax 250-338-1399

Ray has to put kelptic salt on his tongue and once it disolves he drinks lots of water while machine is on.

Suppose to kill the cancer bacteria....we think it is light the lights we have down in wells to sanitize the water.

Does not make noise. Six-eight hours a day.

I hope this helps...about $3000...I have emails and numbers of folks that use it. Email me.

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Hi Ray's Niece.

I am sorry to hear about your uncle.

I was dx'ed with Adenocarcinoma in the spring of 2000. I had the top half of my left lung removed and had radiation. In January, 2002, it had moved to my right femer. I had surgery and a rod was inserted to reenforce the bone. I went through radiation and chemo. Six treatments, 3 weeks apart. After completing chemo, they found lesions on my liver. My oncologist told me about a drug in pill form taken once a day, called Iressa. It is still in clinical trials. I have been taking it for about 19 weeks and as of March 28, 2003, there was no sign of cancer showing on the CT scan. Have your uncle ask his oncologist about IRESSA.

If your Uncle is looking for alternatives, tell him to investigate "ESSIAC TEA" on the internet.

Praying for you and your uncle,


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