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moms depression

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My mom had surgery last month for tongue cancer which was pretty radical. She has undergone alot more than she anticipated with the surgery and recovery and is now starting chemo and radiation. She is having a very difficult time with depression and nausea. I am having a hard time getting her to talk about how she is feeling and her treatment so I can understand what it is she wants and how to help her. I could use a few good suggestions if anyone out there has any. Her biggest problem right now seems to be her reaction to the Ethyol they are giving her to protect her salivary glands. I am at my wits end. Help.
Thanks, Sue

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My husband had a very radical surgery on his throat 4 years ago. The cancer was in his tongue, tonsil, soft palet, his jaw bone, and his lypnodes in his neck. This made it very hard for him to eat if he had to chew very much or just even to swallow. He still has numbness in parts of his mouth. I noticed he was getting depressed in the hospital and asked them to put him on antidepressants and he has been on them ever since. There is a drug called Salagean to produce saliva in the mouth. The radiation will dry your mothers mouth out. You can ask her doctor about these things. There is also medicine for the nausea. If you can't get her to talk try a cancer support group or her oncology nurse. I know it's very hard to deal with but hang in there and be there for her.


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I totally understand. My husband went thru 40 agressive radiation treatments for throat cancer and now has recurring cancer in his lungs. When he first had the throat cancer I noticed bad depression. Ask her doctor about putting her on an antidepressent. It takes about one month before it kicks in but it helped by husband alot. There are alot of anti nausae drugs again ask the doctor. I know it is hard but hang in there. Take care of yourself also because she is going to need you and if your sick you cannot help. Go for walks or exercise. It helps alot. Try a support group for caregivers. Thoughts and prayers, Candy

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