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I would like to thank the people who answered my discussion (feeling sorry for myself). I knew the suggestions, but sometimes I need to be told the truth. I do have stage III colon cancel, but
it is in the acending colon. We do run a small business (something I love to do) and intend to do some journaling. SO FOR TODAY EVERYTHING IS GOOD. Only thing I am having trouble with is keeping my pic line dry, we are eating a lot of bread. So even my sense of humor is returning and that's a whole lot better, than a sense of doom.

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Hi Regis ann, In 1998 i was diagnosed with stage 3 ,undifferentiated tumour(aggressive) with 6 of 13 nodes cancerous. I had a year of chemo. I went to my surgeon yesterday. I am no longer in remission. After five years and three ms. I have been declared totally cancer free and CURED!!! Just thought I'd pass on my little piece of news so you can set a goal to aim for,may you have the same good fortune as me ,kindest regards Ron.

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Hi Ron,
I was also diagnosed with Stage III and hade my last treatment last September 2002. So far so good with tumor marker test. Occassionally, I have rash/irritation around my colostomy where the adhesive is touching the skin area, any suggestions on prevention?. You have been a lot of encouragement to me and I hope to say the same thing five years from now, cured and totally cancer free forever!!.


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Hi Noel,Thanks for your kind words,my wife trains pharmacy staff and I asked her about your colostomy rash. She said it could be allergy ,if so avoid zinc oxide based adhesives and try one of the hypollergenic brands,it could also be the method of application IE apply to the centre first and smooth outwards so as not to stretch or distort the skin and try removing the tape with baby oil or similar,there is also a product called zoff which you spray on to remove adhesive tape without irritation,Good luck,best wishes Ron.

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