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Help dealing with anxiety and fear

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Need advice.

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I don't know how far you are into your journey, but after diagnosis, I immedately started looking for a cancer counsler. I called my local ACS office & was able to get list of places that offered support groups (which I was not ready for) and called until I found an individual counsler that deals only w/ folks w/cancer. She has really helped me deal w/ everything by helping me explore my fears so that they aren't so overwhelming. It also helps to know that all those emotions rocking inside of us are "normal" to some extent. Daily relaxation has helped. I find just spending at least 1/2 hour by myself doing something I enjoy helps. I started w/ sitting in my yard after surgery & have now worked up to walks. Journeling has helped expel some of the demons as well. I joined an online support group- having someone who has been there, done that to some extent helps you know that tomorrow can be better than today. In my case, I have a rare/ aggressive cancer, w/ a high mortality rate, & am 29, so at times the fear has been overwhelming. But, the way I see it (& more helpful then anything else) is you make a decision to throw everything you have at the cancer or you let it take you over, you know? Fight or flight, I guess. I hope this helps, please feel free to email me if I can help. Keeping my chin towards the sky- Chris

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I don't how much help I can be here, but I believe that if you want to beat this cancer you can..!! I myself was diagnosed almost ten years ago..(Three days before my 40th birthday, What a black birthday it was.. Now almost ten years ago)
I was told that I had a rare form of "Germ Cell" cancer in my lymph node system, and that I was already at an advanced stage IV level. After seeing four different doctors I agreed to treatment (They all gave me 30 to 45, maybe 60 days till it was over..)
So I am here to tell you that YOU CAN be brave, sure it is scary, and IT will change your life, but isn't that what life is all about... Think about it.. What in your life has not changed..??
Back when I went through this there was no support like today, that is one of very reasons I am writing you, as YOU can WIN, and when you do, you will be able to realize that this is just another step in your life that needs completion. I wish I could offer the road map to the end, as then you will have an idea of the how's and why’s, which take the fears out this journey you are on, but I cannot.. I can only offer the ability to be yourself, which is a person that is reaching out for assistance and support.. And that is the very first step in my mind of WINNIG and beating this problem..
You may want to know how my bout with cancer has changed my life.. Certainly it has.., but as I have stated, life is about changes, and at first I did not like what I went through, but sometimes we just don't have much of choice, and so we do our very best to handle the issues at hand.. Can anyone ever expect you to anything other than best..?? I don't thinks so, and I know that you will be able to ride this through.. It is always a bit mire scary when you don't know the ropes.

Take care..

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I'm a 44 year old female who was diagnosed in February 2003 with squimous cell caracinoma, the cancer ate through the suptum in my nose and I had surgery the end of February to remove the cancer, it was more invasive than the dr orginally anticipated and therefore they had to remove my entire septum and part of the bone in my nose. Since then I has another surgery, they were going to start to reconstruct my face but they found more cells and had to remove and biopsy them. Now I'm awaiting the beginning of my reconstruction once again, I'm schedule to start July 11th. I just pray to God all goes well this time and we can actually start to rebuild my nose, I go through every day in severe pain in my face and have a very difficult time breathing. I'm trying to stay strong , but I find myself crying more & more and trying to keep it from those close to me.

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hello, I am a 32 year old female, in the UK, who has just been told I have squamous cell carcinoma of my nasal septum. It has destroyed most of my nasal septum and has reached into some other areas of my nose. It has also eaten away at the bone above my 2 front teeth and into my hard palate. At the moment I have been left to decide whether to have just radiotherapy or surgery followed by radiotherapy.If I opt for surgery,I have been told that my nose will be removed, as well as part of my lip!Also that I will lose my 2 upper front teeth and bone from my palate.I am very worried about choosing the surgery option (though it has been suggested that it will increase the odds of me beating the cancer)as no-one has explained if I can have a nose re-constructed.All I have been told so far is that I would have a prosthesis put in - false nose.I would be interested to know if this is what happened to you and if you have now had a full nasal reconstruction and how successful that was for you.

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Melly (and anyone else considering nasal reconstruction)-- have you heard of Dr. Frederick Menick? I realize he is far from you, but I know of patients traveling from all over the world to see him. He has written a very influential and highly regarded medical book, which I've seen referred to as "The Bible" for nasal reconstruction on amazon.com, and he has been awarded the prestigious James Barrett Brown prize twice for "advancement of knowledge in the field of plastic surgery." His main interest is nasal reconstruction, and it is amazing what he can do! Some incredible photos of his cases are on the website.

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just thrilled to read your email due to the fact of my husband was told the same thing you were on 6/5/04 and we and now wondering about treatments and outcomes. we are looking for someone with information about how to beat this cancer and trying to keep his nose.
sincerely alice

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