starting chemo next monday after surgery

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three nodes were positive, had colon resection, this was not my plan, and scared about the whole thing. not making much sense, feeling sorry for my self. HELP!!!!! Regis ann


  • cp1264
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    Hi Regis Ann,
    I had 2 positive nodes, a resection, and chemo in 1999. You do not state the type of cancer you have nor your stage (I'm assuming you are Stage III). I don't know how old you are or how capable you are of keeping a positive attitude. All I can say is that my positive attitude I KNOW has heleped me, even though there is no scientific proof that positive attitudes work. For me, I'm convinced that my acceptance of my situation has made for a much happier life for me. I even make fun of it and say to my friends "I'm good today and ha ha - I'm still here - can't get rid of me that easily!" Laughter and joy ARE good medicines. Find something that gives you great joy and immerse yourself in it! Don't be hard on yourself while going through chemo. Just know that it TOO will pass and that after it's over, you WILL feel better. Aren't we so thankful for today's technology?!!! What if we lived 100 years ago? We wouldn't have near the great treatments we have available to us today! Ah, the greatness of that! Have a bowl of Pineapple Sherbet to refresh your pallet and your spirits! Watch a great movie. Take some wonderful pictures with a digital camera and upload them to your PC and play around with them! Oh - the fun you can have! Let worry take the low road! You can take the high road!
    Best wishes and happy times ahead!
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    Hi Regis Ann,
    I had stage III rectal cancer 10 months ago. I have had my entire colon removed and I have an illeostomy. I still have my moments and I am not going to tell you that this is an easy thing to go through but I will say one thing;your family or friends can play a big part in this.Talk to them ,also do what I did and just get out some and do something that you like to do to get your mind off of it for a while;even if it is for a few minutes every little bit helps. I also, keep a composition notebook and in it I put what I went through and how I feel to get through this. Trust me, keeping it bottled up will make it worse. I know because I still have a problem with that. I wish you the best of luck. Remember everything will be okay,try not to let this get you down. You have a friend here that would like to talk to you anytime that you need to, ok?
    Best wishes! Michele
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    Don't worry. If your chemo is like mine, it is no big deal. I was operated on for stage 3 in 6/99. Got 6 months of chemo, with few side affects. Didn't lose any noticable amount of hair and never got sick to my stomach. On days of chemo I would take an anti-nausea pill before going. I didn't do the drip, but took a staight injection of the chemo each time, so it was over in a few minutes and I was on my way. I always planned chemo as only one of many things I planned to do that day, so that I kept focused on other things. I found walking, running and snow skiing helped me maintain a positive view thru the chemo. Ran a 10K after 1st month of chemo. Scheduled holiday plans and vacations during 3rd week of chemo when I felt the best. I also ate healthy, took vitamins, went to church, and made a special effort to count my many blessings, and enjoy every day. Going thru this has made me appreciate the positive things in my life far more than I used to.