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Can this be survived?

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My husband was diagnosed last year with stage ll colon cancer. He recieved chemotherapy for 6 mos. However on March 13 2003 He had results of a cat scan come in from earlier in the week. He now has 3 more tumors. Two on his lung and one at his pelvis region. Can this be survived ? Are there any survivors that went through the same thing? Is there any advice in treatment? Please let me know I would like to have some hope Thank You Adrianne

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Hello Adrianne;
Yes there is hope...With the advancements being made in cancer research and the new medications being developed, the chance for survival is far greater than it's ever been. You and your husband have to keep positive during his treatments and stay focused on getting well. He has to be confident that his health will improve through the skills of his Doctors and the power of prayer to God...I am survivng colorectal cancer having had a large tumor removed from my lower intestines and nodules in my lungs that were diagnosed stage 4....Stay positive and my prayers are with you and your husband for a full recovery....God Bless;

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Dear Eddie: Would you mind sharing more about your situation, such as when you were diagnosed and how long you have been cancer free?
I was 1st diagnosed as Stage III in Aug.2000; had resection & then 8 months of 5FU+Leukovorin+Camptasar (CPT-11). I complied with treatment perfectly & thought I'd beaten this for good. However, in January a CT scan found metastasis to the peritoneum. I am now getting 5FU+Leukovorin+Oxaliplatin + an experimental drug called Iressa.
I very much need to hear success stories like yours ...Thanks, Michelle P.

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Hello everyone. I want to say thankyou for your responses to me. I have to say I am so sorry I didn't answer sooner!!! I had joined another support group and needless to say I was waiting for responses here on another support group. Now who has 'chemo brain' lol. Since I posted this my hubby had a biopsy. A port installed, and is currently recieving the 'triple' at this time 48 hrs straight every two weeks. He is having virtually no side effects(except for occasional diarrhea) and is gaining weight steadily. He eats anything thats edible(I found out it's because of all the steroids) We are slowing down to smell the roses. And he is working on getting his ssi and I am looking forward to having all the time we can thank you so much. I am so sorry I didn't answer sooner. For now though I am anxiously awaiting the scedule of his next cat scan


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I certainly believe it can be beaten. I was diagnosed with Stage III colorectal cancer shortly after 9/11. I've been through a year of hell (chemo/radiation, several surgeries, more chemo) but am doing well now that I'm four months past the final round of chemo.

My tumor (4") was in my rectum. . .a few lymph nodes. Nasty that chemo. . .

I won't pretend to know about the other tumors. You need to have faith in your medical team and demand they give you good information and spend the time you need to have your questions addressed. It's good that you're here asking questions. . . don't be afraid to contact the ACS and make some noise. As far as that goes, I found wonderful support through my medical team. I asked them to put me in touch with someone with a similar situation. . .it was great!

All of this can be beaten. Be angry, cry, whatever you need to do. It's all new stuff, and you'll go through the range of emotions. Keep a strong mental attitude that you'll beat it, and you're doing all you can!

I wish you the best of outcomes!!!

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