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New to CSN, saying hello and sending love to all!

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Hi everyone, I am a breast cancer survivor of 2 years now, during my treatment my Sister was my greatest supporter next to my Son. She was just diagnosed with lung and head cancer. Our roles have completly reversed and I only pray I can be as strong for her as she was for me.

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I can't imagine being in your shoes. I wish you and your sister both luck. I am also new to CSN and I joined this website because I didn't think anyone knew what I was going through. I had a very rare case of uterine cancer diagnosed last May. I had surgery in June and so far have been cancer free since. My problem is that I think about it every single day. Not only that I actually had cancer, but that it could come back any day. No one who has not been through it can understand what that's like. In fact, I just had an argument with my boyfriend where that was brought up and he was devastated that I was expressing my fears instaed of his, which are also monumnetal at this time (he's out of work). It's just nice to express myself to people who I know will know exactly what I'm feeeling. Thank you.

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Hi I am also new to CSN. I am a 28 month survivor to ovarian cancer. My husband is battling Renal Cell Cancer right now. Cancer changes your whole way of thinking. You can only live from one day to the next and thank God for the dawning of each new day. Please pray for my husband. He was diagnosed 10 months ago with mets to the lung and liver. Treatment has been tough and the doctors have yet to find an effective one. He's only 46.

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